hey whats up, i'm not sure how u leave stamps in these things so i can't put one i guess. i noticed that u singed mine (about 5 months ago but thats besides the point). i just wanted to thank you for the welcome. if if ucould, could u tell me how u leave stamps.
happy day after your birthday mex,i decided to sign right after you're birthday because i just love to piss people off.so happy ?'th birthday mex
But Happy Birthday! .......

Hope you had a great one, buddy! Afterall it only comes once a year! See you around in the forums!
hope we can be friends!

hope u likey
your'es truly,
Noticed your custom title. It's officially Sunday here so you get my lovely Birthday stamp.

Well, according to you custom title, It's you birthday Sunday. Well, I may forget, so I'll sign now. ^^ No stamp though.

"Aspect of Bane hands you a nice, soft, warm cookie. It seems too melt in your hands. As soon as you take that first sensational bite, your tastebuds die. Rest assured, they have gone to heaven."

Hey I am signing because you are a great Zelda fan!
I'm signing your guestbook to show you my new stamp. Hope you like it. I know I already signed yours before but I still want you to see my stamp. Here it is.

See ya around!
Thanks for the cool stamps, the last one is BIG. anyway heres a signing and a picture, its not really a stamp coz I didn't draw it I just found a game where you could dress up Link and I cut it out(And I used a new button that I just found out about called print screen ), on PAINT TOO! And I'm rambling now so I'm just gonna shut up and stamp.


I have been seeing a lot of you in the OoT forum, so I have decided to stamp you. Lucky you!

Please sign back!
So you like the Oilers? Aha! They are so awsome.
Seen you around Oot and MM forums so I'm signing and telling you to keep postin and keep the Zelda forums alive! If you do I'll give you a cookie...
Oh and for the record, if Roloson wouldn't have been injured in the finals, the 'Canes wouldn't have a chance at all. Oilers are too good for them. Yay for my favorite hockey team!! (Unless we get one here in Houston, then number 2)
Thanks for the signing. I would give you a stamp or something, but that's not possible right now. It just so happens that I don't have one to give you at the moment.

I'll swing by later.
Hi,i'm just on a signing spree and decided to sign!!Pleeez sign back!!!Sees ya!!
(credit goes to megatron)
You got the Puzzle correct! It was a difficult one too.

Mex found which sculpture didnt belong. Can you?

A new puzzle has been placed.
Yo yo yo. I forgot people had guestbooks so now I'm going round signing everyones guestbooks. Your guestbook has been signed!
You got my Guest Book puzzle right!

I dont think, however, that you be able to solve this new one too quickly. It's a good one. ^^

You know, I should get a specific stamp for puzzle solvers.

I think I'll make one.
hi, thought i would sign your guest book sorry everything started wrong hope we can look past the past and in joy life, and thanks for signing my guest book, YOU'RE SO KOOL
He! How's it goin'? I realized I haven't signed your guestbook yet, so I rushed over here to sign it. So here you go!

I've seen you around Neoseeker a lot. Plese sign my guestbook.So i decieded to sign it.

Keep posting!!!! I'll be waiting.
Hey. You probably know me already. I am singing your guestbook and I hope you sign mine too!

I'll see you mostly at the OOT forums!
Check out the new stamp that I made! It is by far cooler then any other stamp I have ever used.

I mean, its orgasmic just looking at it. ^^

See ya 'round!