Come on, Come on... AHHH, (bleeeep)!! How the (bleeeep) did those (bleeeep) bothans learn how to turn themselves (bleeeeeeep) invisable?!!! Whaa... AHHHHH!!! AN INTRUDER!!! How the (bleeeep) did you get in here? The front door was open? BILL, I'M DEDUCTING YOUR PAY!!! Well, now that your here, what do you want? You want to kill me? Why the (bleeeep) do you want to do that? You kill anyone who cusses? Uhhh... I gotta go. HELLO?!!! 911? GET ME THE COPS!!! COPS! THIS IS THE RESIDENT OF 123 4th street! HELP!!! THERE'S A MAD PPERSON HERE WHO WANTS TO KILL ME!!! *gag* *gag* too... much... hugging... Can't... BREATH!!! *dead* I'm all better now! :)