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Real name: * * Billy
Gender: Male
Age: ??
Location: NY, NY
Birthday: 6/11
Neo-bday: 7/7
Member ID: 80536
AIM: The Wize Druid
MSN: PM for it

MMBN3: Blue forum was where I started my Neoseeker "career". Even after about 4 years, I'm still in the top 5 poster there (with 1000+ posts) lol.

After MMBN3, I was really active at FFTA forum. Then I took off from Neoseeker for about 2 years before coming back on October '06 and became active again in Disgaea 2 forum and DQVIII forum (and later, FFIII - where I got crazy with posting and helping people out - resulting in my first promotion to Moderator status).

After coming back from the neo-hybernation, I got some great new friends including Kt (tomboyk003), Lindsey(Sakura), Jodh(FFXFREAK), Phil (Chaos Swordsman), and Krunal(Krunal). They all help/support me a lot either in achieving my first moderator status, the actual moderating works, and/or portal works.

I also would like to give special shoutouts to Preet(Yoshistar) and Adam(Circuit) who helped me get started in the GFX department ^_^. I also would like to thank Insanity Prevails. Even though he may not know it, he helped me a lot in GIMP.

One last shoutout to Kate(sxc_katee): <3 u, sister from another mister! XD

DS friend codes and other info:

Final Fantasy III -
2964 3708 3558

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales -
5412 6257 8363

Digimon World DS -
0301 4911 3546

Mario Kart DS -
FC here

Pokemon Pearl -
4167 0964 7517

Luminous Arc -
0817 1262 7331

Yu-Gi-Oh! Spirit Caller -
FC here

Digimon World Dawn -
1976 7974 2057

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Digimon World [DS]
Spectrobes [DS]
Strategy/Simulation [DS]
Digimon World Dawn [DS]
DQM: Joker [DS]
Pokemon Diamond [DS]
Pokemon Diamond Battles
Pokemon Diamond Clans
Pokemon Diamond Trading
Strategy/Simulation [DS]

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portal staff
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The following is the list of neoportals that I'm working on:

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quote Circuit
Rukia is teh sex. That, and it's very nice
quote Nicholas IV
Your neohome sucks, tbfh. There's no shoutout for me. Otherwise it's nice.
quote sxc_katee
HOLY CRAP. I LOVES. You're a beast!
quote madtown
quote Swift Finch
Wicked neohome, very nice work! I assume you made everything in it yourself?
quote The Answer
nice neohome =D. Very awesome bg
I am not in yor neohome. Well, maybe now I am. Well, nice neohome and whatever. >_> Rukia sux >=o *runs away*
quote Zephyr
Nice, I would leave the center open, it will look nicer.
quote Antiphar
Wow! This is great (your neohome). I love the scrollwindows!
quote Ecto5
Bans? How many times have you been banned? :p
quote Imperial Zhou Thai
quote tomboyk003
PORTALLLS test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test test Lol XD Nice though =d I like the table with L in it =o!
quote slider1060
Love the neohome. Thanks!!
HAI Mettttty......Rukia is teh sex
I like your neohome alot. But I dont quite understand what the bans are for. Haha!
quote Sweep
Ewww, the colours douchetaur, the colours.
And why don't I get a mention anywhere?
quote Tainted
I don't get a shout out in your Neohome? DON'T YOU REMEMBER ALL OF THE GOOD TIMES? THE LAUGHS? THE TEARS?
quote xsynergyx
You should make me a neohome :D
quote PitLine810
I was looking through your neohome, when I had all these comments and questions... Luckily there was a link at the bottom. So I clicked it. I have a question: Is your neohome as awesome as I think it is? And I have a comment: Yes!
quote Avalith
My bannedwiches are not meant to be shared with the general public. :#
quote slider1060
You should leave the center open. (:
quote kenshuma
how did you actually get your neo home to look as it is. I couldn't put much but pics(which sucked lol ><)
quote fart
There's a LOT of outdated Portal Staff/Members old usernames.


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