Quetzalcoatl mettaur
Mar 13, 11 1:50am
Hi! came by to stamp your guestbook since you have The Paranormal forum in your favorites. Its great to see that I'm not the only one out there that has interest in the paranormal . So what's your favorite Paranormal subject? You can answer in the guestbook comment box or the forum all along

Hope to see you in the Paranormal Forum soon .
OMNIMON_KING73 mettaur
Oct 11, 09 6:07pm
Can you please challenge me on this game, i have`nt ever vs`d any 1 online yet
My Code is: 2836-9284-5075

Roy mettaur
Jun 21, 09 2:12am
Hey dude. I am signing your guestbook because guessing by your name, you are a fan of the Megaman series. You got a PS3 by any chance?
Final Fantasy 88 mettaur
Mar 4, 09 9:12pm
Eek!I haven't stamped you in a while!:0 Ugly Spartiate/mudkip.Enjoy the ugleeee.
Marooned Chic mettaur
Dec 20, 08 7:15pm

Rarr, good thing I could squeeze in myself into your super hectic life.
Take a break this holiday buddy. Lol
I'm wishing you warm winter wishes. ^^

Fab Lauren mettaur
Aug 24, 08 7:13pm
Well I don't know you that well. But I'm on a guestbook signing spree. So I'm stamping you.

Stick around your a great moderator.

Fab Lauren/Lauren.
Sapphiryeon mettaur
Jul 9, 08 5:40am
Hey, Mett! I wanted to thank you for helping me with my gang all of the time. So, I'll sign your GB.

Marooned Chic mettaur
Jun 26, 08 4:51am

Hello Friend! Thanks for everything!
Take Care!

Your friend, Refia.
Lyrikal_Retorik mettaur
May 11, 08 8:14am
Hey there.

Hope your week is grand.

Synergized mettaur
Mar 30, 08 12:44am

Made by Trojanman

Keep up your awesome graphic works.
Twisted mettaur
Feb 10, 08 2:09am
Thanks for signing my guestbook, even if it was like a year ago.
Fluidity mettaur
Dec 23, 07 3:25am
Happy Holidays Bill! =]

Med_Jai mettaur
Oct 4, 07 7:50am
Well its been a long time since I've signed your guest book or at least I think it has. So here I am signing it today, right now.
SilverLightningTusk mettaur
Oct 3, 07 12:11am
Well, I'm going around signing guestbooks of those who have helped me greatly in my quest for making better graphics.

I thought I'd give you my homemade stamp (I'll bet you'll think it's fugly, but I'm proud of it and the new style I found) as thanks.
Xaldin mettaur
Aug 30, 07 4:44pm
I figured I should sign your guestbook with the stamp that you just made for me so, here it is.

Ah, it's beautiful.
Synergized mettaur
Aug 3, 07 3:23am
Bonnie is the hots. Have fun jacking off.

Made by Fran_17.
Slider01 mettaur
Aug 2, 07 4:33pm
Hey.... Why didnt I get a shout out... lol!!! Love YA!

I'm sorry I dont have a stamp But I PROMISE that I'll have one next time.... lolz

stupid 125 thingy!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!

BAI Lots of luvv....
Budokai Freak mettaur
Jul 27, 07 8:27am
Hey man,thx for the stamp and header i appreciate it i was thinking you forgot about it:P
Budokai Freak mettaur
Jul 21, 07 8:08am
Hey thanks for the banner and avatar,i appreciate it alot it's not my usual stamp but i havn't gotten around to getting a new one but meh Thx again
SSJ3 Trunks mettaur
Jul 18, 07 11:46pm

Hey, glad to help with the portal!
See you later!
InnerDemon mettaur
Jul 5, 07 3:26pm

u just got stamped, don't forget to sign back.


Kiffa mettaur
Jun 27, 07 5:31am
Y allo thar! D:

BILL! My older brother, you look out a lot for me. I sorta wish you were ACTUALLY my older brother, cause you'd be an awesome older brother. I wish that Songwhore would be a lot nicer, flirtaous and just more loving for you, because you deserve it. ^__^ You're a really nice person, and she's a nasty witch, ahah joking. I hope one day we can meet, since we're pretty close! When I come to NYC in 3 years, I'll drop by alright?

Sign me back ? kthxbai.

Sakura mettaur
Jun 8, 07 5:07pm
You're graphics are amazing. @__@ I wish I had skills like that. *jealous* See you around! Stay cool!

<3 Lindsey
horsejo mettaur
May 30, 07 7:56pm
I love bleech too! It rocks!

Master_Xxxx mettaur
May 27, 07 2:30am
Dunno if I've signed you before, but, what the hell.