guitarlegend123 metallica rules
Aug 6, 07 6:39pm
Hey whats up i have seen you arouned the forums so i thought about signing your questbook plus it looks like no one has signed it in a while.
please sign back.
Pure Pressure metallica rules
Jun 17, 05 8:11am

latino supastar metallica rules
May 31, 05 7:50pm
Thanks alot for signing my Gbook and wishing me a good B-day. I really apperciate the sigining and sorry it took me a long time to reply but my computer was messed up. Anyway see ya around!
Evening Broff, I'm next to you.

I'm bored and stuff, sign back, do it now!
Blargha, is this enough things?
FenriZ 666 metallica rules
Apr 30, 05 5:29pm

The BDK proudly announces its further expansion in to the realm of synthetic generations and neon age lolitas

BigBhaarlokzMon metallica rules
Apr 17, 05 6:13am
Blowing farts out my ass.
Like the breezes blowing through the grass.
I like the feel of when I fart.
It makes me happy, it warms my heart.

And that was a poem by Heidenriech.
Deabeat metallica rules
Apr 12, 05 5:19am
hey MR sup just signing your g-book. Have a nice stamp...

take care dude!

here you go...I dnt know you but I'll stamp you anyways
HBK619 metallica rules
Apr 7, 05 7:30pm
Sup Broth?
BigBhaarlokzMon metallica rules
Mar 17, 05 6:56pm
weeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllll congratititulations br0ff!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes, Liz, Liz, yes, n00r?, n00b? bolok? are we there yet? how bout now?

bluehell metallica rules
Jan 20, 05 10:23pm
hello dave lmao
hows life as nick, big bag-o- bolloks mine is lol

oh yeah hows he wife

**your guest book has been signed by your friendly neighber hood neighber**
Biskit metallica rules
Jan 15, 05 4:15am
Dear Mr Bryl

OHMYGOD, I AM LIKE YOUR BIGGEST FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My friend Barry (at church) tolde me that everyone is coming to you for free kebab's, so i wanted to write to you to do a price check for all the bills it must cost you to buy all these kebab's for Hucknall, England I MEAN I AM YOUR BIGGEST BIGGEST BIGGEST BIGGEST I WILL SAY IT AGAIN BIGGEST FAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because it take's a strong man to give everyone a meaty treat i mean oh my god i can't even believe i'm writing to you i mean your well your just the best ever man in the world and i am a fan of meaty sexy kebab.This could make you millions
making money for charrity in a poor swamp like Hucknall.

I know your busy touring. But i really hope you can write back to me. Please Please Please write back... it would make my day!!!


P.S i'm also sending you an old replica kebab from back in 1987, becouse it can teach you some worth while lessons.

yours sincearly G, The 69th aka Banna Ramma shake ya kebab not ass!
Biskit metallica rules
Jan 12, 05 9:01pm
Hello Boyo erm erm erm kebab is good kebab is fine and i have a kebab as a girlfriend so erm erm erm you can cover it or her in ketchup and mayonase and licky sticky boom boom or visit
and renember everybody know's if you can't lick a pussy you can't lick a kebab!
VulcanRaven metallica rules
Jan 7, 05 6:39am
Signing spree!
You've been stamped.

Please sign back!
Cdemon metallica rules
Jan 1, 05 10:38am
Thanks a bunch for the banner, dude. It's kickass.

(stupid character limit... )

Dark_Mist metallica rules
Dec 31, 04 6:58am
Thanks for the signing, and for the compliments as well. You seem like a cool guy too, and your header for loungin' is pretty awesome. Keep up the good posting! And if you wanna talk some time, just PM me. Bye bye.
Guillotine metallica rules
Dec 30, 04 6:31pm
Thanks for the banner dude, I friggin love it. Happy new year!

Consider yourself stamped

By Guillotine
Drop To Zero metallica rules
Dec 30, 04 4:46pm
Since you made me a banner, I shall sign your guestbook and cheat the word limit by pressing a bunch of spaces.
The Eclipse metallica rules
Dec 30, 04 12:15am
Hey, thanks for the banner. Your wicked at graphics. Happy new year, and a belated Merry Christmas. *bleep*ing character limit
Felony metallica rules
Dec 28, 04 5:52am

Thanks for signing my Guestbook. Merry Christmas and happy new year!
Eugene Rulz metallica rules
Dec 26, 04 1:05pm
Hey metallica, I just wanted to stop by and wish you a Merry Christmas!!!!

~Sign Back~
nitroxxx metallica rules
Dec 24, 04 7:17pm
thanks for the cool banner!!! hope to see you around the svr forum more often!!

can you feel the nitro??
DQ Maniac metallica rules
Dec 22, 04 4:16am
Mr. Hankey and I wish you a very Merry Christmas!

MerylSnake metallica rules
Dec 22, 04 3:53am

Ello metallica rules

Bites and Kisses ~Emmmy Strange~
BILFY metallica rules
Dec 19, 04 4:49am
Stephanie McMahon 4 Playboy!

The pic is small cause well I uploaded it different but its all good!