So... apparently I own this because I have the PS3 version? PlayStationAllStarsBattleRoyale PS Vita
So fun. So fast paced. So addicting. But the online is pretty laggy SuperSmashBrosBrawl Wii
Pretty fun and interesting, but a little too repetitive. SpectrobesBeyondThePortals DS
Great range of starters, gripping story and fun gameplay. The only game that has made me shed manly tears PokemonMysteryDungeonExplorersOfDarkness DS
Whoever thought of the Mystery Dungeon formula with Pokemon is a genius. PokemonMysteryDungeonBlueRescueTeam DS
Pretty solid for Tower Defense and RPG, but its too much of the same thing. PVP is horrible DungeonDefenders PC
The hell are my crosshairs? KillingFloor PC
The *bleep* are my crosshairs? KillingFloor PC
You liked Portal? Good. Now, think of Portal but longer AND with co-op AND with community levels. Play this before you die. Portal2 PC
Why are the controls so... horrible!? HitmanCodename47 PC
IMO: Better then Minecraft because there is more to do, more end-game content and has a higher replay value. Terraria PC
Fun in the first 2 hours you get the game. Then it just gets boring... It seriously need a huge game changer Minecraft PC
One of the major games of my childhood. Such a good game. Too bad Crash was sold off... :( CrashBandicootWarped PSX
The last good Crash game before the series took a turn for the worst. While it is buggy, it is hilarious and great fun. CrashTwinsanity PS2
If you want a great action-RPG/hack n' slash game with a great story AND has local multiplayer, look no further then this gem. KingdomHearts3582Days DS
Probably the best in the series. Got a nice battle system, wide range of skills and 3 character stories lasting about 15 hours each. KingdomHeartsBirthBySleep PSP
This is so fast paced, and the weapons and crafting is awesome. This, Pokemon and Smash Bros. are Nintendo's finest in multiplayer games. KidIcarusUprising 3DS
This isn't very... good... at all... CounterStrikeGlobalOffensive PC
I'm a sucker for RPG's, and this is just an amazing series. It combines my 2 favorite genres also, so thats a nice bonus. Borderlands2 PC
Bloody fun and fast paced shooter. All the classes are nicely balanced and the updates are great. Second on "best games" list. TeamFortress2 PC
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