um..James was born in 1983 when everyone was high on shrooms. He enjoys screwing up everything he touches. Games are fun, and sometimes more real than reality. "I think the real world sux. It's no fun when people actually die when you shoot them," He says,"damn, I love computers!" and then adds on that Adrienne is kinda ok too.


Faves include: Adrienne (love you), Gundam stuff, Metroid, my Acura Integra, Halo, Megaman, Sailormoon, Escaflowne, Final Fantasy...list will go on.
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Review: BloodRayne - BLOODRAYNE

Sep 27, 2004

Hello everyone. Welcome to another outrageously great review from The Melvin. The reason this game did not rate so high is not because it isnt good. But because I have not finished it yet. When Im done however, I shall say it is probably about a...

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