I am Daniel. I am a 20 year old high school dropout. I hate writing biographies out so instead I shall give you facts!

Fact #1: The first video game I ever owned was Legend of Zelda II: Link's Adventure. Despite this, my love of the Zelda series flourished.

Fact #2: I have grafite stuck in the palm of my hand since I was 8 because I got mad I couldn't draw Charizard and threw my pencil down, herp'd, and it bounced back up into my hand.

Fact #3: I like poetry, reading and writing it. I find it an easy escape to let what you can't say or do out in writing, and how others find different meanings for themselves personally from what you wrote.

Fact #4: Arcanine is the best Pokemon.

Fact #5: I am wearing a Mighty Mouse t-shirt.

Fact #6: I love love. I crush so easily it's redonkulous.

Fact #7: GIMME MOAR PAGEVIEWS; visit meinfro@deviant


Favourite Games:
Link's Awakening
Majora's Mask
A Link to the Past
Mega Man 4
Bucky O'Hare
Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers
Super Mario World
Final Fantasy 6, 7, 8
Red Dead Redemption
Fallout series
Arkham Asylum/City
Elder Scrolls series

Just off the top of my head. :>
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