"Well lets see here...start from the beggining and when you get to the end...STOP!"
- The Mad Hatter

I am a girl from Kentucky
I am proud of it too
I love it here
Sometimes I wish I lived elsewhere but I cant move YET
I will be able to real soon though ^ ^
I really am looking forward to getting out on my own
I will be able to do things I want to do
But untill then I love to stay home with my mom and sister
Its just is three
And I am very happy about it

I have done all sorts of things
I have rode and showed horses
I have played violin and piano
I have wrote poetry and a book
I am working on the sequel to the book
I LOVE taking pictures
I love photography

When I get older I would like to be a model
I think I can do that
I want to do it too
If I dont succeed as a model
I want to be a chef
My two favorite passtimes
Cooking and modeling

Things about me anyone should know:

I dont like it when I go through so much time talking to someone and they reply with one word answers (usually in texts)

I dont like it when I am lied too
I hate it
I want you to tell me the truth or nothing at all
Its so much better if you tell the truth no matter how bad it is

I will be your understanding person when you need someone to understand
I will listen to anything that you want to tell me

I want to be your friend
I really do
I love making new friends and talking to them
Some people I wont stop talking to hahaha
But I just care about you thats all

And finally
I am the person you can call, text, or email if you ever need anything
No matter what time of day it is or even at night (but I prefer you call during the daytime)

Some of my favorite things:


Taylor Swift
3 Doors Down
My Chemical Romance
Lady Gaga


The Notebook
P.S. I Love You
When a Stranger Calls
Napolean Dynamite

My Neo-Friends:

These are in no specific order!
Do not get mad if I havent mentioned you!
Only certain friends get mentioned!

Sapphiryeon - SHE IS SOOO COOOL! We have the most random talks ever! W yell alot but itss funny and fun to do! A very good friend of mine and most certainly one I can talk to when I cant tell anyone else.

BlackGun - He is a very sweet guy. I tell him lots of things. I can trust him very well. He is very comforting to talk to and he brings a smile to my face.

gcguyfromhell - He is very funny! I like talking to him and being TOTALLY random! He says he worries about me sometimes. I dont see why though. I trust him too and he knows that.

RVD1000 - This guy has been with me through alot. I trust him completly and he is a very very good friend. he is done with school stuff now so I can talk to him more yay!

Red Steel - WOW! I have known him a looong time. He is a nice guy. We have been friends for a long time and he has gained my trust. He is sometimes shy but when he gets to know you he wont be shy anymore.

Tallteen86 - I have known him for quite some time now. He has hepled me get through things I couldnt have gotten through alone. I apprecite him very much. I also repsect him and worry about him seeing as he is my neo-dad! Who wouldnt worry about thier e-parents???

Draken The Dragon - Hahahaha he is a funny guy. I like talking to him and confusing him. Its funny! He is a caring person though. He is a really great friend!


..::Coming Soon::..


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