the game lags for some reason... BurnoutRevenge Xbox
the CD's are scratched beyond belief but it still works. this game is my all-time favorite. TheLegendOfDragoon PSX
I didn't like this game, the gameplay was boring, and the loading times were horrible MotorStorm PS3
very realistic game for the ps2 Black
this is a must have for fighting game lovers Tekken5 PS2
average length, nice weapons and enimies, I'd say give it a try DeadSpace PS3
great free roming game. great physics, the city feels alive and the game uses euphoria! a must have. GrandTheftAuto4 PS3
a nice city builder. but the war is terrible. and the game crashes when i select my troops... CivCityRome PC
a decent game. nothing special. gameplay = hide and shoot. that UnchartedDrakesFortune PS3
good variation of weapons, they RatchetDeadlocked PS2
i spend more then 100 hours on this game. the gameplay is a mixture of turn-based and live action, which works out great. the worls is... FinalFantasyXII PS2
the CD was broken before i bought it... don RatchetandClank PS2
build a house and control your character in it. raise a family, get a job, make friends etc... but this beast takes up 1,4 MB of my 8 MB... TheSims2 Xbox
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