fast 7 tonight!, its lit :O

after voting in the polls tell me what you want and ill take count, whatever gets the majority i will give out

stoutland, fearow, garbodar, amphoros, ferrothorn, braviary, manectric, mighteyana, swalot, beheeyem, huntail, sudowoodo, lin

tell me your fc and ign plus add mine 3196 4719 3130 ign hero

today, while driving 55 mph, i almost hit a man streaking in the middle of the road :/

"A storm cloud stalks me making what should be a sunny day, Shed tears of lonesome and despair in the form of rain, I've devoted my life to rid you of your pain, For feelings of acceptance, which reveal themselves feigned, Do not mind that, scream the, voices in my brain, But if I stop giving, only I remain Though I know not of misery, For I lack the company it needs to be entertained, But misery would be a nice change, This solitude drives me insane" -Eric Boone :'(

am tired of everything, i dont know what happiness is nor can i imagine it :'( anybody have suggestions?

shiny 5iv kb emboar shiny 5iv kb klefki shiny 5iv kb furfrou shiny 6iv dragonite

happy halloween to all /^o_o^\
all teachers in schools are sophists, f%*k em all, relearning from textbox is a terrible way to actually learn.
i wish i could bring a hot tub to work filled with jello!
i wish i was as free as a bird :(
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