HyperShadow0213 maximum
Feb 16, 03 2:56am
i was lookin in the member on and i just wanna say that im a huge fan of sonic too....can i join your thingy(saw it in sonic ultra's guestbook, like to sign sonic fans guestbooks Well...just signin ur guestbook.PM me if i can join..thanx
DarkKnight maximum
Jul 24, 02 7:40am
Thanks for signing my guest book I thought I should came by to repay the favor and sign your guest book. I hope to see you a lot more around Neoseeker. L8ER
foolester420 maximum
Jul 23, 02 5:06pm
Thanks for signing my guestbook.I don't recall anything about you posting in DW3 fourm.Happy posting!Oh,yeah,one more thing,let's be buddies.
Cubixdooky maximum
Jul 20, 02 10:34pm
Hey dude! Thanks for signing my guestbook! Cool to meet ya! Enjoy the SA2:B forum! I'll add you to my neo-friends list too! Check out my thread at the TV shows forum and maybe join the Super Smash Brothers Banner contest! It should be fun! Well...see ya later ,neo-buddy! Sayonara! Kawasaki! J/K
Princess Peach maximum
Jul 19, 02 1:53am
Thanks for signing my guestbook, yea I post a bit in the MP4 thread, but I mostly like to go to the Super Mario Sunshine forum. See ya around!
WaveBird maximum
Jul 18, 02 3:50pm
tanx for signing my guessboo youll rpretty cool i hope i see you in the megaman batle network 2 forum and in the sonicd advance 2 forum well goaejkdsee ya later
CyberdramonX maximum
Jul 18, 02 4:57am
Hey Maximum, thanks for signing my guestbook. Yes, I'm a big Digimon fan, just go to the Digimon Rumble Arena or Digimon World 3 forums. Anyway, you seem to be really nice. Talk to you later
GaroMaster7 maximum
Jul 17, 02 7:54pm
Hey (is for horses) Why did I do that? Nice avatar! Sonic rocks! I might get a sonic avatar. I was thinking about that. Well, *$%%@#$%^^ There you go! Cya around the Sonicadventure2battle forum!

Michael Dude maximum
Jul 14, 02 6:11pm
Hey Maximum nice seeying you in the MP4 forum^_^.Thnaksd for signing my guestbook and ill see ya in the MP4 forum in the future.
knucklehead maximum
Jul 14, 02 5:29am
Sup Maximum, well you're doin great at neo now and thanks for signin my guestbook. See ya around the forums


P.S. Do you have AOL instant messager?
tarepon maximum
Jul 14, 02 1:42am
Thank you for signing my guestbook. Whoa! A lot of people signed your guestbook. Haven't talked you that much, so I don't really know you. But see you at some forums. Keep up the good work posting.
Knux13 maximum
Jul 13, 02 10:07pm
I signed your guestbook because you signed mine and added me to your buddy list, I hope you go to a different forum other then SAB2 ....... So, see ya in the forums......
Mewtew41 maximum
Jul 08, 02 12:38am
Hey Maximum, It looks like you are very popular in the Mario Party 4 forum. I signed your guestbook because you're gona add me to your buddy list and signing my guestbook. I really appreciate it. This is Mewtew41, peace out.
B T Master1 maximum
Jul 06, 02 9:32pm
i saw your entry in my guestbook and i decided to sign back i could get a gamecube sometime soon and i think your riddles thread is cool!
Orange Jinjo Guy maximum
Jul 04, 02 9:39pm
This is Orange Jinjo Guy from the Mario Party 4 forum. I really like some of the threads you make. They are cool! I hope to talk to you more on Neoseeker. BYE!

p.s. Please return the favor! thanks!
bazthegreatest maximum
Jul 04, 02 8:31pm
the thread on sa2b is quite good keep it up!
do u think there will be a sonic adventure 3
it may be a good thread to talk about i would consider it
Luigi Number 1 maximum
Jul 03, 02 6:04pm
Hello maximum, Sorry if I am not allowed to sign your Guestbook twice, but I wanted to say something else in your Guestbook. I really like you and your posts, your so great! I love to read your posts, and I really like the forums you post in. Your just such an excellent person and I really like your moving avatar of Sonic and your signature is cool too. Your one of my best friends in the world, and I really enjoy posting to you! Well, Bye!
videogamemaniac maximum
Jul 03, 02 4:47pm
hello maximum!!!how areya ! inbox now!!go inbox neoseeker!fasfasfasfas!so whazzup??????where you go alot in neoseeker?isnt it cool here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Luigi Number 1 maximum
Jul 03, 02 3:45am
Hello maximum, I got your PM. I'm about to add you to my buddies list and PM you too. Your really fun to talk to and your really nice. This is my first time signing a guestbook, so I hope I don't sound bad. Bye! I'm going to add you to my buddies list now and PM you too!