cuber17 matuty74
May 09, 07 11:07pm
the Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!
somehow i just got hollaback girl stuck in my head
remember me?
yamacha24 matuty74
Jun 16, 06 3:41am
I tought I could pass by and sign your guestbook.[URL=][/URL]
PkFlAsH matuty74
Aug 08, 05 7:41pm's been a while since I've seen you around. You still remember me, right? Right? I don't have a stamp, and I was bored, so here I am blabbing away to make this signing at least 125 characters!

See ya later!

PkFlAsH (A.K.A: PK)
Zatch Girl matuty74
Aug 02, 05 5:16am
Hey look at the cutey pic.Feel free to say AWWWWWWWW heehee

I'm sorry if the pic dose'nt come out right.
See ya around!
Shiny_Emerald matuty74
Jun 24, 05 4:52pm
just signing it and i think ur flying kirby ate ur pancakes! and i dont hava stampy picy thingy and plz get me back on tha pm i sent u about tha gameshark plz and thanks.
Zatch Girl matuty74
Jun 15, 05 11:37am
heehee Your quite the pancake lover,and funny two;)You want to be neofriends?Could ya sign me back please?Many thanks!See ya!
~Zatch Girl~
junichi_jirachi matuty74
Jun 05, 05 2:31pm
Hey, since you signed my Guestbook, I will sign yours. keep on enjoing Neo as much as I do.

Jesse1234567 matuty74
May 19, 05 1:37am
I thought I'd sign your guestbook. I guess you really like pancakes.
serpent matuty74
Mar 27, 05 10:46pm
thank you for the nice stamp.

jirachi 7928 matuty74
Mar 25, 05 11:51pm
Hi Matuty Happy Early Easter

And A happy new wait.... were past that already
Soraslight matuty74
Dec 21, 04 5:18am
May all your Christmas wishes come true!!

devilorangel50 matuty74
Nov 01, 04 6:54am

Hey i have seen you in a few forums and i got bored so here ya go another crappy stamp

Homunculus Lover matuty74
Oct 27, 04 11:19pm

Blah. Happy Halloween to ya!

Shhh! It was my first stamp I've done.
metafor matuty74
Oct 26, 04 2:32am
Hey dude! I...Like...Pan-cakes and I cannot lie !You other people can't deny!That I signed your guestbook and put your name in my neofriends list...break it down yo!...Oops, got carried away. Anyways I signed your guestbook.You can sign mine if you want.You can also put me in yer neofriends list,seeing as I'm gonna put you in mine. PM if you wanna talk,etc.
Cascade7 matuty74
Aug 03, 04 7:16am
Just going around Neo and signing g-books...nothing big (or illegal)

Good luck in life! Peace

Road Rocket matuty74
Jul 23, 04 3:45pm
I saw you signed my guestbook! Thanks a bunch man! So I just came here to sign your gusetbook! Can we be neofriends!? I'll se ya' later okay?
megatron matuty74
Jul 15, 04 2:12am
hey, matuty, king of the pankakes Im king of the decepticons and I do enjoy a good pancake every once in a while. but I signed yer guest book so please sign mine!
Gemini19 matuty74
Jun 17, 04 3:20am
Gemini19 here to grace the pages of your Guestbook with my new stamp, enjoy.
Corleone matuty74
Jun 15, 04 6:22pm
I saw you in the Sonic Battle forum so I thought I'd stamp your guestbook. Remember this is my first stamp.

Anyways see you in the Sonic Crew club!
KnucklesStorm matuty74
May 29, 04 12:39am
Hi! Its me, Chaos Storm. Anyway, in my new account, Im signing your guestbook, so anyway, for the first time...

Mr Sponget matuty74
May 26, 04 3:56am
Thank you for the banner.

I have signed your guestbook guestbook.

I have no idea what else to say.^_-

uhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhh
Gemini19 matuty74
May 10, 04 7:48pm
Whats going on here? Why the creator of Blaze is signing your GB.
Chaos Storm matuty74
Apr 27, 04 1:00am
Um, yeah. You are the first person to EVER use a baner I made. Hail the Pancake King!

And remember...

Harvest Moon girl matuty74
Apr 10, 04 1:51am
Hey you signed my guestbook and im signing it back
Sure ill be your friend but i must warn you i can be very dull

heres my sonic one

oh and Happy Easter

Chaos Storm matuty74
Mar 29, 04 11:49pm
Hello matuty74. Sorry about the whole fire thing in the create a charcter thread. Anyway, thanks for thw elcome and I hope to see you around. Lets be neopalz.