So i went through every PM I've ever sent or received on this site since i joined in 2007... Such a marvelous history... I miss my clan ;_;
I just saw a giant spider in my room so I sprayed it with hairspray. It's not dead, but its hair looks fabulous.
Equestria Girls... If MLP ended with Equestria Girls, I would be totally fine. It would be a great note to end on. <3 <3 <3
Mario kart 7 time. Anyone want to race?
Hey guys! Meowth vs gatomon! in a fihgt to the death! Comment who you think would win and why
Has anyone here seen death battle? Well i made my own death battle!
R.I.P *Insert walking dead the video game spoilers**
A proud leader of failing clan that WILL NOT FAIL!
is made of awesome sauce
i had a test today...
i have a test tomorrow...

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