Signing spree...

Please sign/stamp back.

I've seen you on the Pikmin forum and some on the Pikmin 2 forum. I'm signing your guestbook with my brand new stamp. Sign back!

You got stamped with my new stamp!!!
Wel anyhoo catch ya later and mind and sign back....
Hello, I was looking around in the Loungin' Introductions, and I read your post. I just joined up today, and I have no neofriends or anything. Anyways, if you want to, you should sign my guestbook! Cya round! Sincerely,
hey sorry 4 fallin out so i'm signin this guest book too say lets be m8s oh yeah when i can be bothed too put up my stamp i will k ;laugh:
Thanks for signing my guestbook, it made me smile too......yeah if u wanna be friends go ahead......i'm not stopping ya!

Pero no me envies cosas extrañas, pero eh, hay excepciones si me entiendes, como cosas de goticos, videojuegos, vampiros, me entiendes? Gracies Nene,


Miss.Harker x
Pleaze sign my guestbook, only if u want too,
if i told u ur cute would u?!
Ur cute!
me myself and some eejit,

I'm originally from england but live in spain,
C u l8r *Master*

Vampira de España,
Thanx for signing my guestbook... since you did, im signing AND stamping yours^_^

i hope you like my stamp!!!
Hey matt_the_master,

Welcome to the General Mario Brothers Forum! It's nice to meet you! Your avatar is so cool. I dunno what I like about it, but it's just cool to watch!

See you around the forums,

~ Satokasu Suki
HELLO I saw you liked animals I love them my fave animal is of course the DOLPHIN
I love drawing animals too.
sign my guest book!
See ya around
i've seen you around the forums so i'll sign your guestbook...
so sign mine please...

i'll be going now...
out that door->
over there...
so abouuu...
*points the other way*
*runs away screaming about mooses*
thanx for signing my guestbook wanna be neofriends?
********/***** ***** ***** ***** *******
hey how it goin thought since you wished me a happy birthday i'll sign your gb so hope to see you round see yah. peace out
I had added a reply about a challenge mode competiton. Go check it! Just call me s2k.

Can you wait for Pikmin 2?
I can't!!!
What else games do you have???
I only have pikmin and and the crap marioparty4.
Hey dude, thought I would sign ya guestbook. Seen you around loungin a couple of times now. I once saw someone write something along the lines of:

Shirt: £50
Trousers: £35
Designer Jacket: £400
Gold Chain: £2,000
Guestbook Signing: Free

I thought this was insane so I changed it:

Shirt: £50
Trousers: £35
Designer Jacket: £400
Gold Chain: £2,000
Guestbook Signing: £100, send your money to Elite Works, UK

hehehe, cya round loungin' dude

Peace out
Life sucks doesn't it?

Hi. Thanks for being my friend....

since i got a new account, i thought i should sign your guestbook again

this is littlegreen, i think your cool so thats why iv sighned, please sighn mine
Hi i've noticed that you're 12 like me and I think you're avatar is cool. Mines soppy & horrible - But its better than nothing I suppose! Sorry but I dont have a stamp:( Bye then

Did you know I've never met a Matt I didn't like? & I've known alot of Matts. I like your avatar btw! Anyways I came past to wish you a belated merry xmas and to tell you I hope you have a happy new year! Click the stamp! ^^

LMM xox
Replying back cos u left a guestbook entry. Hows it goin matt, good to hear from another UK person. PM if u want, im currently doin the rounds on the FFTA forum here. Catch u later
im signin your gustbook coz u signed mine. pm me some time coz ill probs b bored anyways.

p.s. i havent got a stamp either so ill stamp urs when i get one