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Jan 30, 09 6:45am

Guess what people. I am now officially as of last night a member of the artistic and yaoi-hungry website of Deviantart.
But why would you do such a thing matrix, I hear you ask, shurly after your yaoi rant in your second blog it appeared that you dislike it and it's hoard of fangirls drooling for some man on man action.
That is very true, but you forget (or rather me, if you understand) that Deviantart is a place for artists, as I am. Just look at my fanart. [/subtle self-promote] Not to be snobbish but I'd prefer not to chuch all my best work into Photobucket, tbfh.
Plus, my Deviantart name is quiet-empire. Which to me sounds pretty epic.


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Jan 17, 09 12:37am

Come quick, they're ready!
They look... yummy!
Sort of like the sun.
It's rising again.

See title. Looks like the amount of unoriginal games about shooting nazis and aliens were to much for the MGs4 forum and indeed, the forum of all it's predecessors. Still, just a forum, and the game is still as epic as it was when it came out last year. Well done to Big Boss (the neo-member) and Stitch for a good job moderating a forum that didn't need moderators. Stepped down a while ago now.
But remember:


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Jan 15, 09 12:33am

I'm terribly, terribly bored so i'm going to start a neo-blog (Like a regular blog but with the 'Neo' at the beggining) so, I am goin to blog about...
Stuff. .-.

Like... Metal Gear Solid, and Death Note. And other awesomeness stuff. Or about stuff that I didlike, like School, and the catholic church. Bastards.

I didn't say that.

Nw, bleah... what now?

Oh well, thts all for now.

Btw, Tay's blog FTW. :3

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