FUN game and lots of different events that just eliminaters I didn't play online but annoyed at first because the car was stuck not moving SplitSecond PC
I can't stand this game unenjoyable and probally the worst game in my collection not saying it's the worst game ever though KaneandLynchDeadMen PC
Brilliant graphics but would prefer to have full version and would like to know a bitmore about the gameplay and what modes are in the full GranTurismo5Prologue PS3
great story good, graphics but miss jet packs, going in cops stations, cops on bikes, gansters and builders going mental but still my fav GrandTheftAuto4 PC
Great collection of 40 games that feel less competitive and more enjoyable and are well known games also great value for money at £15.99 SonicsUltimateGenesisCollection X360
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