Title is self explanatory. Looking mainly for Moxie magikarp Beldum/Metang Spiritomb with Infiltrator Will take other

Just looking for someone to help me evolve my scyther, I'll throw in a Lv. 1 scyther with technician for helping me out

Kadabra- any nature that increases Spatk, preferably modest Lv. 16-20 Graveler- any nature that increases atk, lv. 25-30 Sc

Looking for a Ralts or Porygon with Trace ability for the bidoof, and searching for anyone who has a kadabra and or dratini F

Specifically what the title says. Also looking for tyranitarite if anyone has it up for trade. Leave comments below or PM me

Looking for a Brave nature Aaron or Lairon Male gender. PM me or reply below please.

Will offer male Rhydon with Brave nature (Attk + speed -) pm me or reply below

Just looking for some good trades. PM or comment below, I will get whatever nature the trading player desires. I'm not lo

Just as the title says, untouched event torchic with mega stone in hand. Taking offers of other event pokemon, pm or answer m

Lv. 7 Shiny Bidoof (Male) Naughty nature (Attack+ SP. Def-) Looking for a Squirtle male any nature, holding blastiosinite

Trading my Gengar level 40 (Male) to your Kadabra (Male) Level 16-20 Modest nature please. PM me or offer below if you're

PM me or reply if you've added me, rack up some friend codes for safari treats! I'll add any PM's or thread repli

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