Hey, just signing my friends G-Book, later.

hi there master2000,
you may have seen me in the forums
just surfing by and reading
i burst out laughing in the popcorn story when you made tea had heartburn
isn't it strange when you laugh out for no reason or you just laugh when people are in pain..well sorry if i'm too boring, c-ya then,vv
well you signed my book and oill sign yours see yous in the Forum cool well i likle you well ill look and see where you are
Sup, what's been happening? I'm just signing all my NeoFriends Guestbook. Keep on posting in the Yu-Gi-Oh! forums.

Since you signed my G-Book, I'll sign yours.

You always just happen to be in the same forum as me so I looked at what you were saying and it's usually darn funny. Don't forget to sign my guestbook.

P.S. Sayanara
Hey man. I was one (or the first) neo friends. Happy you like my name I like it too. FACT: I changed my user name before because I hated my old one.

see you around

hello Im 009 and were buddies remember so i thought Id sign this.
this is chozenmaster here. i just wanted to return the favor for signing my guestbook so i decided to sign yours. and to take up the rest of the space, i will draw smiley faces. enjoy.