my name is llamassosomresdnrf or matt for you people. i speek llammmenise or english to you people i like playing action/adventure games like zelda i have a gbc gba gcn ds ps2 xbox a labtop i also have a carpet racer they are relly fun! i also like funny movies like ace ventura he is awlsem if you dont like zelda you suck and i have a reservaton for the new zelda zelda ROXZORZ. if you like llamas you roxzorz. i also like halo 2 it is awlsem i like playing with my frend countjagv(not countjagv) i want to be a llama when i grow up. if you want to play me in halo 2 get ready to be schooled because im a noob stick and proud of it so bam. i like naruto, inuyasha, and gundom
wing. i have a grate sence of humer and i always over react to things expecialy video games like donky conga jungle beat. and if you dont like lammas you suckzorz.


playing video games and watching videos i also like reading and posting threads my name is llamassosomresdnrf
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lamassosomresdrnf or matt for you real people .

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