Hysterical Pokefan. <--- Only 2 words to describe it. =)
D only game (other than leafgreen) that includes the sevii islands. but without events to unlock altering cave, there's nt much fun in it. PokemonFireRed GBA
Boring, easy to play, and not challenging. WinxClubTheQuestForTheCodex DS
Childish Yet Amusing !! MarioPartyDS DS
This game is my 1st Pokemon game on DS n it rox !! PokemonPearl DS
i previously had a Pokemon Gold but i never gone far. I didn't even beat d 1st gym ! but this game is good!! PokemonHeartGoldVersion DS
This rox 5 times more than Pearl!! Distortion world is so cool !! PokemonPlatinumVersion DS

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