dude that banner you have is some funny stuff for that i decided to sign your guestbook. you should keep it as your sig for awhile.
image time.........

Hah, thanks for signing my guestbook! I wisk more people would... -_- haha, anyways you are so nice! I am going to get a stamp soon! from, um, how about MadShadow, he makes great stamps. I will sign your guestbook again with a stamp.
Hi! I don't know why I never signed your guestbook before So, here I'am now!!!!! Well, talk to ya later!


its me toronto just saying hey. thanks for signing my guest book for me so i'll just sign back cause thats what a person should do.
your not really much help but i like the idea you gave me about harvest spirets everyday. just joking about your not much help you relly helped me.
you signed my guest book so im signing it right back

HM:FOMT is great see u in the forum

i need 125 characters :-(.........
Hey thanks for signing un my guestbook Thanks again for answering some of my questions in Forums and stuufs .

I want to be a bother i dont know why but i just want to bother every one but i signed in so hi..............................
hey, jus wanted to drop by n say thanx for that 5 rating for my neohome. I also noticed that you don't have any signatures in your guestbook. I might as well be the first one. & good luck to you on your game. If n e 1 wants any advice, don't hesitate to PM me.