Ok game. Haven't played in a long time! TigerWoodsPGATour08 Wii
Fun game. Haven't played in a while. SonicHeroes PS2
Boring game. Don't enjoy much at all. Frogger2SwampysRevenge DC
Ok game. I usually only play it when bored though. Bonkheads Mac
Awesome graphics! Best flight simulator ever! XPlane PC
Calm game. I play it when I get bored. MyTribe Mac
2nd best. A little harder then the first. VirtualVillagersTheLostChildren Mac
Ok game. Only played while bored. Snood GBA
Fun game. I like the chao the best. SonicAdventure DC
Don't have it yet, but really want it. SonicAdventure2 DC
Great game! Not as great as Jak 3, but still fun! Jak2 PS2
Best game EVER! I play it all the time! Jak3 PS2
Awesome game! I play it all the time! MarioKartDS DS

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