World 1- Level 2: The Underground Way] Find red ? box, get major coinage with Turtle Mario, when get on ceiling, run to finish. Yay... NewSuperMarioBros DS
World 1- Level 1: Secret Passages] Get red ? box, destroy everything in your path. Get the large coin and get a reward... NewSuperMarioBros DS
ask anything about gmaes for Nintendo DS
people who may own this game, if you get tired of it, go ahead and ask me. i have gotten pretty far in the game. NarutoNinjaCouncil3 DS
i don't play this game anymore, but i can still help you with it SpiderMan3
i am getting better at this game, but if you are farther than Day 74, then i cant help you [unless i update this soon] KingdomHearts3582Days DS
if you want or need any help with this game, i can help you through ANYTHING [if you think i am exaggerating, then you LIE] MarioPartyDS DS
this game frusturates me, but it is still fun, and i can still help you YoshisIslandDS DS
i have gotten to the elite 4 champion and that's where i have struggled. so if you are past that point of the game, i cannot help you PokemonPlatinumVersion DS
need help? ask me ANYTHING, and i can do it right before your eyes [in words] NewSuperMarioBros DS
My favorite game! i can help you get through some tough stuff, even if i haven't completed the game SuperMario64DS DS
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