Well,this hasnt been updated in a long time so ill update it now. I have been a neoseeker member since around the middle of 2003,i quit Neo at around 2004-2005,and hadnt came back til now,Real life got to me,and i lost a ton of free time. I have a job now,a car,and a girlfriend that i 'cherish' :P And things have been great,ja. For all of you that remember me,no i dont have a 'split personality' anymore,i got over that lawl,but i have kept my Crazyness.

So what have i been doing all this time? Wasteing my life away playing WoW,and when i wasnt doing that i was at work or messing around with friends,no time for Neo. Oh,here's somethin helpful. If you value your time,never buy WoW...or any other Online game. Just takes up your life lol,i learned that the hard way.

Hmm,i was checking through people i know that use to be neoseekers,but guess what? hardly anybody is ever on anymore lol. i guess that got old,and decided it was time to call it quits on Neo. Im a huge Mario/Luigi fan,so i spend alot of my time on the Mario forums,i also spend alot on the loungin forums.

I have a new email adress now - So if you want to hit me up,and just chat add me there,or send me a PM.

Never see me online during the day? thats because im a night time guy. I sleep the day away (after gettin home from work) and then if i have time i get on Neo at like 11 or so my time. If you see me online during the day,consider yourself lucky,and im probablt close to passing out lol.

I currently work at Walmart distribution center,pays well too 18.50 an hour. And it keeps me busy so i aint fallin asleep. I've been tryin to get into college,but im too lazy to do anything about it. Anyways,if you want to know more about me,just aks :P. Oh,and dont forget to sign my quest book.
-Big M

Where did i get my account name from:Back at 03,me and my brother were just exploring sites,we were young at the time,i was around 13,he was around 11,and we were just well,real big Mario fans. We found neoseeker while looking up info on games,and thought it was a cool site,so we joined up under the name 'Marioandluigi',me being Mario,him being Luigi. Unfortunatly,my brother passed away about a year after this...

I am Currently:Away from Neoseeker for a few weeks. If you need anything while im gone,just drop me a PM,and ill get back to ya once i get back. - Big M


Anything that keeps me movin,and keeps my hand going.


con·ver·sate (intr.v.): Look, you can't be defining this ****; it's just how we roll.

-No matter how hard i try,i just cant reach you...-

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Review: Super Smash Bros. Melee - the best game

Jun 1, 2003

this is nearley a FLAWLESS GAME great for partys with 4 player action 51 events 14 main characters and loads os secret ones and 29 stages! and theirs even giga bowser as a bosss and crazy and master hand as bosses too theirs and all star mode and...

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