Is this game still coming to PC? How about in our life time? read more

Good, this is rebranding of the same card is ridiculous. But apparently this marketing scheme works for them. read more

I used to just install drivers over old drivers but I had a problem with them once so now I uninstall the old,... read more

I played the demo for this for a while and I must say it's pretty cool. I wasn't too impressed with the AI though.... read more


1. Work on your English.
2. This wasn't a survey.
3. North American only (local Australian video stores not... read more

It has the ability to run at either 7200 or 5400 rpm? I've never seen that before. Maybe it's a WD thing. I can't... read more

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I believe there's a mistake in this article. Meteos Wars is not free, it's 800 MS points. The only free content that... read more

This is old news, so why is there an article about this now? read more

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Azuma, how do you expect to fit any camping supplies in the Dodge EV? Why would anyone take that car for a camping... read more

I like that 13% voted other. 3rd parties are on the rise in the new generation.

Nader '08! read more

It's really surprising that he would come out and say this stuff, but it's kind of nice. It gives us a heads up on... read more

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Finally, we may no longer be pressured to put out ridiculous amounts of money just to get a board with SLI and DDR3. read more