i am a big Manga fan and like all sorts of stuff that deals with comics and Manga like SHONEN JUMP

me and my best friend have loved pokemon ever since it came out..... we where shocked when they almost cancled it... i eat and make ice cubes all the time...... ok im gonna give u my chat room bio k oh and just so ya know u prononce Imarai (eye mar eh) ok guys this is Imarais profile

LAST NAME: Imagineer
SIBLINGS: None ((That I know of))
PARENTS: (cries head off) ow (puts head back on) they died of a type of flu
FRIENDS: Mkaya Tifa Sora Samurai Face moonbay ummm..... and all my pets
ENEMIES: Master Virus and... Cloud..... um thats it really
HAIR STYLE: short and messey
EYES: change color to feelings but other wise when im normale they are gray
SKIN COLOR: not pale but not dark
ATTIRE: always wear black jeans ummm heavy black shirt with steal at shoulders and a cloud crown a cape with red on the inside and blue on the out with a fancey logo on the back and my weather staff
PERSONALITY: alot of people say im power crazy ummm i started out mean and everyone else says im still mean... i am also a weather king and a vampire in one ummmm thats all i can think of
MOODS: i get ticked off when ever anyone says something mean about me ummm i can be really happy with Kirby around ((one of my pets)) i get other people mad all the time...
GIRLFRIEND: Mkaya BEST FRIEND: Mkaya and Tifa and MoonBay
DOWNSIDES:people consider me to be power crazed and over the edge all the time and could drive you up the wall UPSIDES: always saves the day heh heh ((most of the time))
PETS: uhh wow i got baby scoot ((my snake)) i got whoro (my wild cat) i got Hyozanryu (my dragon) and i got KIRBY! (the cuteist thing alive) ((to me))
UNIQUE THINGS ABOUT YOU: very powerful, i can mind read and mind speak i am also a evolved vampire ((a vampire of the light)) i do got my own languedge but i never use it my languedge is called Zenou and ill give you a demo Zo Zhats Zuo Zeen Zup Zoo ((so what you been up too)) heheh

That's it.

oh i should tell u all my neo friends shouldent i


Angelic Serenity
bennyking of digimo1
Neo Master
Double Decker
Octarine Skye
Wu kingdom and
TREECKO3 ...... we are friends again! ^_^

and while ur reading this i beat i got even more friends now


i like food, chat rooms and alll sorts of junk like computers, nintendo everything. i also like swimming and floor hockey ((HATES SOCCER)) if ya wanna know why just pm me ummmm i collect hotwheels

i am also very found of sonic comics and also SHONEN JUMP

i also loooooove to rp (role play) but i like it a whole lot more in chat rooms

my fave fourms to go to r

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Review: Mario Kart: Super Circuit - mario kart

Aug 10, 2003

there is a way to turn the coin thing off and u dont need a cheat step 1: only works on quuick run so click select on quick run step 2: turn coins off or what ever u wish off step 3: play and hae fun thats all i can really say but it is a fun...

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