It allows a user to increase stat of a repeated move Any info on how much and is it specific to a certain Pokemon for use

I'musing a garchomp shiny, with high speed and atk so iI'm using poison jab, flamethrower, earthquake, drako meteor

Free pokemon team art :_phantom: yes free, i do this for the x&y but i think it would be better to have one for all the

ok as someone with mew, celebies, deoxy and the rest of those desired legendaries in mass numbers. i have tried to to the &am

well i do some for myself for fun. and thought it would be nice if i offered to do it for others i can adjust the layerin

my starmie would kill ashes picachu
<3 joltick
wondering why im ignored on the forums by some people when i ask a question
looking for ev max stat codes for vitamins


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