Hello. Welcome to my neo home.
I haven't got much to say except everything.
I started on neoseeker looking for help with Rune Factory. It was then I found out that the Rune Factory forum was still new and I felt like I could stay for a while. I registered right away because I was interested in the Role Play. I hadn't beaten the game at this time but it was fun to see what other people thought. I met Skywing there, he said I could join. So I did. It was a lot of fun. I wish we didn't have to stop
I met lots of interesting people here and I love them all.I met my first neo Boyfriend. His name was BillyBob11223. But he then changed. We got Neo married but it didn't last long so we split. He ended up being married to my neo cousin. I was so sad but I had to go on with my life. Some time Later my fried KuKu introduced me to her real life cousin. His name is Jason. he joined Neo looking for friends and possibly a girl to talk to. Well we are now a couple,although I am not on much I still talk to him as often as I can. He is such a sweet heat.
My neo mom Is Inufreak, but she hasn't been on in forever, I miss her terribly. I hope she comes back some day.