maisey blogged
Feb 25, 14 9:52am

I miss my friends. its been way too long have you ever just wanted to turn time around so you wouldn't forget to say something. I know I would.
maisey blogged
Apr 23, 10 6:42am

Ill tell you.......... nothing, i dont like them. well i am absolutely bored out of my mind and i have nothing to do. so you know what im doing ? writing about how i havenothing to do. well i will write more but it is late and well you see it is 11:38 pm and i cant sleep. i have to be up early tomorrow for nothing, i just do. i am always up early and i cant sl;eep in. i dont remember what it feels like to sleep in anymore.
that and well the phone sosent stop ringing and my cell is always buzzing. so well i am very popular espically when i dont want to be.

have youever had that problem? im sure someone has because i knoe i am not the only obne who is like this.

okay good nioght for now and love the world.


Jacqueline Sobotka

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