Hey if your reading this then you want to know about the one and only maddreamer aka maddreamer10. Feel free to contact me at as I am always looking to expand my gaming friends.
I own all next gen systems.

Games I play on the ds.
Pokemon platinum
Pokemon diamond

Games on the wii
Super smash bros brawl
Sonic and Mario olympics

Games on 360
Left for dead
Dead rising
Halo 3

Games on ps3
Resident evil 5
Mercs 2 world in flames
Oblivon elder scrolls
Resistance 2 and 1
Assassins creed
Call of dudy 4
Call of dudy 5 world at war
Battlefield bad company

Well that's my gaming style in a nutshell see you either online or on the foroms.


Tell me what you know.
Tell me what you've gone and done now.

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