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Life, its way too short to be living small and stuck up.
Jason: Are You Ok?! Me: Yes everything is kittens and rainbows to the nearest i- NO IM NOT FREAKIN' OKAY!!
False Alarm. I get to stay! Yay!!
If you are reading this In March I will wont be on this forum until further notice. Sorry everyone.
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These are some Dark Times I tell yaa....

May I have some Chocolate Pwetty pwease??? read more

quote MewHearts
Shadic Hearts nahuh I win that's the rules : P
Thats one pretty good reason Shadic. Can't argue about... read more

Anyone want to battle me hit me up on pm.

Oh ok. Makes some more sense now. read more

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I win!
So that's what it's about!
What whats about. Whats with the inside jokes? :/ read more

Isnt it so messed up when your bieng nice and then everything but good happens to you?