Life, its way too short to be living small and stuck up.
Jason: Are You Ok?! Me: Yes everything is kittens and rainbows to the nearest i- NO IM NOT FREAKIN' OKAY!!
False Alarm. I get to stay! Yay!!
If you are reading this In March I will wont be on this forum until further notice. Sorry everyone.
These are some Dark Times I tell yaa....
Anyone want to battle me hit me up on pm.
Isnt it so messed up when your bieng nice and then everything but good happens to you?
Don't take anything and everthing so sddid wh
Now to enjoy my christmas break. Sleep, eat, play, sleep, eat,sleep, play oh and did Inmention Sleep?
I've recently started to take a liking into ghost pokemon.......
Why didn't gamefreak give us more ice types.Instead they gave us more fighting types.Thank god for Froslass.
Dragonite, Thanks Game Freak. Dunsparce........... "thanks alot game freak"
Scyther cannot learn fly...... Dodou and Dodrio can........
Ice Cool it or Loose it
Snorunt Hatching and eevees covering the planet need the perfect one....
This week is time to ev train the ultimate Froslass.
Manectric training this week.
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