I'm Randomly signing peoples guestbooks so they will sign back...

Please sign back!

Hey there luigimania

I thought you might enjoy this stamp so here it is

Love from jespomo

Merry Christmas to my first neofriend, Peterborough United still rule.
Hey Just thought I would stamp your guestbook.


Hey I've seen you around so I thought I'd sign your guestbook

Please sign my Guest book back

Take care in 2005,
Have a Happy Halloween!
Have a Happy Halloween!
Just a Random signing

Enjoy them, and may we cross paths again.
You are really a great moderator you have such great ideas and you moderate tekken 5 and DOR anyway good luck man and have a stamp

You make a great moderator! Simple as that.

Here's a stamp for a fellow Mario fan:

Here's my first stamp for ya (just for friends, of course)!

Have a nice day!
Well hi.I see that tons of my friends have already signed your G-book and surprisingly I have not. It's always good to meet a Luigi fan.
Hey luigimania. I just thought I should stop by your guestbook since your one of my favorite mods . Keep up the great work your doing with the Day Of Reckoning forum and enjoy my stamp! (I know you will )

Hey luigimania, just thought i would sign ya g.book and show my appreciation for your modding in both the WWE: DoR & TEKKEN 5 forums you've been doing a great job and are one of the most real and down to earth mods on neo!

If you get the chance give my g.book a signing back. C ya around!!
hey luigi, you gotta keep on coming to the wario world forum, hardly anyone comes anymore, it was fun when you came, cos we had lots to talk about wario world, anyway, see you around here
hey luigimania, how you doin? i see you're doing great on the tekken 5 forum and i wanna say good luck on start moderate the tekken 5 forum and the other 2 forums you moderate , have a nice day and don't forget to sign my guest book too!!

my cool stamp:

stamped by
I'm signin and stamping everybody's guestbook just because I'm a nice guy, not to mention a nice lookin guy, but enough about me.


Cya around.