I'm a Taurus :D I imagine myself as a Pokemon sometimes :P
Shadow Lugia=<3

I have a joke:
There were two people.One of them is a great swimmer,then the other sucks at swimming.
Bad Swimmer:Let's race.
Great Swimmer: OK.What's the rules?
Bad Swimmer:Swim over to the other side,then swim back here.

Then the race began.The great swimmer started off,while the bad swimmer stayed where he was.When the great swimmer came back,the bad swimmer said:
What took you so long?I already won!
Great Swimmer:Huh?
How did the bad swimmer win?
The starting point,where he stayed,was the finish line.Therefore,he already won.


I'm a Lugia!!!!(joking I'm a human)

I believe in God to the MAX.
I was a Pokemon addict.Now,I'm a Naruto Ultiat Ninja Heroes Fan.
same with shadow lugia


Before,I was a Pokemon Addict.
Today,I'm in love with Kiba Inuzuka!!
(I'm still liking Shadow Lugia though)
Yay Jesus!!
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