Apparently your PM is restricted as well for some reason. So my address is:, nice to see you experienced the godliness that is MGS.
Hi! came by to stamp your guestbook since you have The Paranormal forum in your favorites. Its great to see that I'm not the only one out there that has interest in the paranormal . So what's your favorite Paranormal subject? You can answer in the guestbook comment box or the forum all along

Hope to see you in the Paranormal Forum soon .
Hey! I decided to sign your guestbook!!! Well, I gotta go. Bye!


P.S. Please sign my guestbook when you have time to.

Isn't he handsome... ^o^
Great pming w/ you again...
Hiya, stoppin in to block ur internetz

I am such a good person, you're such a good person, we're too good for that bosh used to fill in that 125 character limit...OR ARE WE?!

And may you leave all your troubles behind! Lean forward not back! ^.^

Hey! Long Time Huh? >.< Anyways, Hope You Like it.. Last time I talked to you, you were really hyper ^.^ (Like Gir). So I decided to make this for ya! See you around >:]

~*|Merry Christmas You Crazy Girl! :3|*~

Have a good Christmas eh?
Hey! I hope my dear, sweet friend has a Merry Christmas! <3

You're the fifth one to get stamped with my new one. =3

Sign back. ;3

Gimme my candy please :3 I know you have a hidden stash of Spike shaped chocolate bars =3

Lately I've always been wanting to hi-five you cause you share the same views as I (and you remind me back when I was super duper obsessed over a single anime character), haha. Hope life's good!

I know you do not like Joe, but you like Kevin and Nick, right? Even though you aren't obsessed like me, I can still give you a little something... =D

Thanks for saving me in the H&H, luffy. It isn't the greatest, but here you go. A little thanks.

I'm SO Glad to be your friend!
Your So Funny and fun to talk to!

Bai! Talk to you later

Don't forget to sign back! ♥
Hiya Mille!

Still into Spike I see. xD Longest fetish of an anime character I've ever seen!

I've been forced to stamp you by my master Trend. So here I am. =P

»Trend, my one and only master.«
Hi there, LuffyLuffy!
I've seen you around the Phoenix Wright forums recently and you're pretty funny and cool! Well done, friend.

From ArtGirl

Hello Friend!
Take Care!

Your friend, Refia.

Decided to sign your guestbook, to make use of my new stamp (actually, I've had it for some time now)
You're the first to get my new stamp. Feel special...

^Made by me're our insane anime fangirl! Every forum needs one.

Now go post in the Hurt and Heal! JK.

Sorry, I keep forgetting to make one -_-

Tell Spike and Vicious to play nice....Unless you don't want them to *nudge nudge* ^_~

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Hi ;D

Hi, we've never talked but I see you around a lot.

You seem nice.
Hope to talk to you soon.

---> Katie
Happy Easter!I Hope you have a great Easter filled with hapiness Joy and Love!Good luck this Easter

ARRRGH I'm really late to sign back and I'm sorry. The fact I was supposed to sign back totally slipped my mind! ._.

Anyway, thanks for the signing..!