Quetzalcoatl lucedeoangel
Aug 27, 12 12:05am
Happy Bithday to you!!!!!
Happy biirday to yu!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birlday to Luce!!!!!!!!!
Happy borthday to you!

Yeah well I logged on to Neoseeker from quite a while of not coming and see its your bday in the bday column of the forums main page. Hhaa, have a good one luce
Zack_305 lucedeoangel
Nov 27, 11 8:15pm
Hey there thanx 4 the add hahaha, I see your a FF fanatic like me, I still need to show I can win 1 match in hangman lol! Though I have to admit you know basically everything in that game anyhow , Merry Christmas enjoy the holidays and I want that cookie
K8ty lucedeoangel
Dec 27, 10 12:04am
Hope you had a lovely day =)

Shiny Mew lucedeoangel
Aug 27, 10 6:19am
Yup, Happy Birthday Luce, hope you had a great one!
Now I'm just going to say Random stuff to meet the character requirement, stuff like: Gobbledeygook.
TKuja lucedeoangel
May 6, 10 7:23am
Got a wish to sign guestbooks. And not the usual guestbooks. The guestbooks of those that helped me a lot since my start at neo. And I would like to thank you for being so sincere and helpful. I'll see you when I see you I guess.
MuLLeR lucedeoangel
Jan 12, 10 2:45am
Dont usually sin guestbooks but I'm signing everyones and wishing you the best of luck in exams. SATs? Do I getz my cookie nao?
tidus04 lucedeoangel
Oct 10, 09 11:56pm
tidus04 lucedeoangel
Sep 5, 09 1:53am
I love you so much more :L

Yuhuh I'm a meanie!

Love you
Love you
Love you
Love you
Love you
Love you
Love you
Love you
Love you
Love you
Love you
Love you
Love you
Love you
Love you
Love you
Love you
Love you
Love you
Love you
Love you
Love you
Love you !
xxChloe lucedeoangel
Aug 27, 09 11:01pm

Happy Birthday Luce-Luce :3
Srry for delay

Kyle The Demon lucedeoangel
Jun 26, 09 10:29pm
everyone else seems to be sayign stuff like, your my closest friend for such and such reason so im here to own them all cos i know you irl =P Luce <333
tidus04 lucedeoangel
Jun 18, 09 8:03pm
I already have your love, but a cookie would be nice :3

I though I would give this my stampeh. I just need to find it *googles to find one*.

The only old one I could find =.=


Sir FrozenPickle lucedeoangel
Jun 16, 09 7:46am
There, I wrote a Cloud/Aerith oneshot. Just for you (okay, not just for you, but I figured you'd like it).

It's angsty, and Zack's in it, but it's not romantic Zerith

I hope I get another cookie!
Sir FrozenPickle lucedeoangel
Jun 12, 09 9:15am
Just noticed I had a guestbook, and I see I'm not the first to sign yours

I think that you need to change your avatar and banner back to it's original, or a different Aerith banner (I'd be happy to make ya one). It was how I saw it was you posting (I'm too lazy to look at names). I just memorize everyone's signature, and now I have to re-remember yours!

I think that's 125 characters.

Where's my cookie?
Epoch lucedeoangel
Jun 8, 09 7:09pm
Greetings luce, I've enjoyed going toe to toe with you in the game forums for ff7 and crisis core, truely a worthy adversary.

Cya around the forums.

Epoch-The Final Freaking Boss!
Kakarot lucedeoangel
May 8, 09 8:52am
I almost didn't sign your due to too many previous signings.. Your guestbook feels.... Used...

Well just wanted to let you know you are very interesting and we share a love of bones so that is a bond to never be broken until well the series is cancelled. I am watching Bones right now. So not crying.

You are very interesting and have a great name with a story. Always be happy with that. You could be blah like Tim.. In fact most of my friends call me by my last name cause my first is so blah.

"Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm. "
Winston Churchill
Kyle The Demon lucedeoangel
Apr 21, 09 1:05am
............... ............... ............................ ............... ............................ ............... .............
Why hello there, you'll never guess who this is XD
............... ............... ............................ ............... ............................ ............... .............
K8ty lucedeoangel
Apr 15, 09 3:40pm
Hi *waves*

Thanks for the guestbook signing Nice to know you too and always good to talk to you.

Take care x

Narcissus lucedeoangel
Apr 10, 09 8:32am
1. She puts up with my random outbursts of mean behaviour! 2. She will never catch me at hangman! 3. She sent me virtual Marshmallows! 4. She actually listens to people instead of waiting to talk! 5. In a past life, a little Irish guy probably rode her to victory in the national! Hehe, random attack from my crimson sky. =Big hug and random poke= Christopher Biggins x x
Resilience lucedeoangel
Apr 3, 09 8:17am
Just droppin' it around, the subject is stupid I just made it up cuz I wanted to.
Sparrows' sister's brother. Well, bye for now!
Narcissus lucedeoangel
Feb 22, 09 7:20am
Heeeeeya! Just thought I would dance through and leave you a needle of friendship Always enjoy teasing you, but only because you always make me smile haha! Big hug and a little dance, *Kingoftheskies aka Chris aka your hangman nemesis*
Vicious lucedeoangel
Feb 16, 09 1:59am

Kissin' and huggin' is all around.
Though it can be overrated.
So Happy Valentine's day to you.
Even though it is belated.

Wear lots of pink.
And eat lots of candy.
Kiss lots of boys.
Isn't it dandy?

It's all about hearts,
roses and bears.
Sweets, cards,
and frilly underwear.

I bid you farewell.
And plenty of cheer.
I hope I'll write another poem,
on time, next year.

Lovedove lucedeoangel
Feb 15, 09 2:13am

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope your day is filled with love, hugs, kisses, and candy! ^-^

EekFries lucedeoangel
Dec 23, 08 3:10am
Merry Christmas Lucedeoangel.

See you on the FFIX Forum.

See you.
Lovedove lucedeoangel
Nov 7, 08 11:55am

I made a new stamp and decided to stamp your guestbook. ;] Word is that you are a lucedeodevil? xD Nah, Smeckles is just crazy. =P

EekFries lucedeoangel
Sep 16, 08 5:47am

Thought I would sign your guest book. I've seen you on the FFIX Forum.

See you on the forums.