It's very good, but I feel cheated by emerald and all those incredible features. PokemonSapphire GBA
The better pokemon game of all time. PokemonSilver GBC
We can't catch a Pikachu and can't evolve the starter one? FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU... that was the only reason I didn't complete the pokedex. PokemonYellowSpecialPikachuEdition GBC
Way better than pokemon battle revolution, there are more option of battles and you can rent the pokemon you want. PokemonStadium N64
Very original and funny game. I don't know why they didn't made a sequel. PokemonSnap N64
Another storage game, it's only for storing your pokemon, it's not a "game". MyPokemonRanch Wii
It's kinda boring, the attacks weren't improved as Nintendo promised and you can't choose your rental pokemon at all. PokemonBattleRevolution Wii
It remembers me of roguelikes, but it's kinda slow and too hard to catch pokemon. PokemonMysteryDungeonRedRescueTeam GBA
Not much changed from the first one, except that fourth gen pokemon are there. PokemonMysteryDungeonExplorersOfTime DS
Yay! Two regions again! But they screwed up the music a\nd the artwork... I guess that the price we pay anyway. PokemonSoulSilverVersion DS
What? I thought mew created the world, now they get the Arceus thing up? They quite messed up a lot of things, but it's not that bad. PokemonPearl DS
It's a decent remake, but all those event pokemon annoy me. PokemonFireRed GBA
Pokemon Stadium with second generation pokemon. Not many new things. PokemonStadium2 N64
Many people buy it for the Manaphy, I did, but then I found it to be a very original and entertaining game. PokemonRanger DS
It's a good concept, but poorly worked on and gets boring fast. PokemonDash DS
This game sucks. Why did I buy it again? PokemonTrozei DS
Easy as every other mario game. SuperMarioGalaxy Wii
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