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Jul 16, 10 12:34am

burn by cocunut marshmellow?

this my story from tuesday to now.

well on tuesday morning i left my house toward indiana dunes ^_^

any who we got to the camp site and looked for took a long time but whe found a perfect one.after we sent up the tent and unpacked we went to the beach and had a perfect night we were making smores and my mom asked me to roast her a marshmellow,i said ok,which was a BAD choice on my part.i put it over the fire and when i say that it was perfect i pulled it out. a cocunut marshmellow that just came out of the fire driped on my leg.i had to pull it of,burning my finger. after that i had a horrible night sleep.when i woke up my burn had about noon we went to MT.Baldy,a giant dune.the water was freezing but I dug a GIANT hole with a little brother got a giant sun burn and we had to leave early.when he felt up to goin again we went to another beach.we swam, hung out,and climbed a 200ft high dune,then raced my brother down.
when we finnaly got home,we went to the middle of the night i heard pounding on the first I thought my step dad,jeremy,was doing something,then I saw jeremy get up.I thought someone might stealing our stuff,then i heard growling.Jeremy looked out the window or our tent and said "its a racoon"
he said it must have gotten ing the cerell bag,that was the pounding,both him and my mom yelled at it and it ran off.they went out saide to see that nothing,and i mean nothing was out of place
"i wonder what that raccoon got into" i said
"there was 2 of em"

almost as quick as i woke up i knew what happened

you would think a raccoon would growl almost like a dog right? wrong.
it was completly savage,like something out of a horrur movie.

well what heppend was 1 raccon grabed the other by the neck and slamed it against the ground,then it got free and snarled at the other,and thats when jeremy yelled at it

we went back to sleep and i was woken(yet again) by mom was packing up.she explained to me that her and jeremy heard thunder and wanted to pack up b4 it started to rain.after about an hour we set off for home.
when we all got home we went back to about a few hours.....

well thats my story thanks for reading

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EHays91 Jul 15, 10
well it was creepy about the blisters, but i enjoyed reading it!

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