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Jul 01, 10 5:01pm

Suicune pisses me off

as some of you know im rematching all the gym leaders to train for red,well a few days ago i came to misty(pest!)any ways i reseted my ds time and ate so that i would met her,but when i got thier she wasnt thier guess who was?

thats rite the legedary beast(hamster)suicune. well i wanted to face misty that day so i looked up on what my prob was.much to my surprise u have to catch suicune

i didnt want to do this because i planned on catching all the legends after i beat red. i thought to myself
"well its only one legendary,so i guess i have to do this to get to misty"
so after goin thro drago(dragonite),typhlosion,and ampharos,i tried snorlax useing return and it got it into the yellow(like 2 damage away from red)then i used surf and got it into the red(killing it a few times and haveing to start over)then i brought it noctowl for hipnosis,after lossing all my ultra and premier balls a few times and mashing the A button for like a half hour i finnaly caught suicune

well i reseted again to get her phone numder and to rematch her and then i remembered that i can get LT.surge's number at that time so flew to ceraleon and surfed to the power plant and all i saw was

well i looked up on serebii and u have to catch zados to get to surge
when i found out i was MAD, and i didnt want to catch a another legend so i im goin to skip surge

well thats about it,but last thing i havent beat misty yet but i will today,wish me luck!

ampharos,its your turn


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Shawn Yasumara Aug 23, 10
I beat Lieutenant Surge and I haven't battled Zapdos...
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Suicune May 3, 12
U mad, bro?

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