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Jun 29, 10 8:29pm

My new,epic wifi team!

after a long time(1 day)i have come up with a wifi team!(with ALOT of help)

Lucario @ Expert Belt (my mixed attacker)
Ability:Inner Focus
EV's:252 Speed/128 Attack/124 Special Attack
Aura Sphere
Extreme Speed
Shadow Ball
Stone Edge
To say Lucario is great is an understatement.Aura Sphere for STAB.Extreme Speed is a great move that always hits first.Shadow Ball takes down Psychic Types,and Stone Edge takes down Flying-Types.Having Expert Belt can really help with scoring OHKO's with super effective attacks

Drago (my physical sweeper)
Dragonite @ Expert Belt
EV's:252 Attack/252 Speed/4 HP
Dragon Claw
Extreme Speed
Fire Punch
dragon dance

Dragonite has a godly physical movepool,and the stats to back it up.Dragon Claw for STAB and handling other Dragons,Fire Punch covers Ice. Extreme Speed is a great move.and dragon dance to up drago's attack

Blaze (my other physical sweeper)
Arcanine @ Expert Belt
EV's:252 Speed/252 Attack/4 HP
Flare Blitz
Extreme Speed
Iron Head
Thunder Fang

Flare Blitz for STAB,iron head for ground and rock,extreme speed if u know there goin to faint u that turn and thunder fang for water types

Shadow (my sp.def wall)
Umbreon @ Leftovers
EV's:252 HP/252 Special Defense/4 Defense
Heal Bell

To say Curse kicks ass is an understatement.Use it to boost attack and defense,allowing Payback to go second every time.Moonlight and Heal Bell are there so Umbreon lasts as long as possible.

Nidoking @ Life Orb
EV's:252 Special Attack/252 Speed
Earth Power
Shadow Ball

Nidoking is some kind of god,I swear.Earth Power is for STAB.Surf takes down Ground-Types.Thunderbolt takes down Water,and Shadow Ball handles Psychic

Hippowdon @ Leftovers
EV's:252 HP/200 Defense/56 Attack
Slack Off
Stealth Rock

Hippowdon is a great physical wall.Set up Stealth Rock and Toxic whatever you can.When you get low health,Slack Off.With the EV's in Attack,Earthquake can still do quite a bit of damage.

well thats my team,comments are welcome and so is advice

thanx to shawn yasumara for giving me the sets
and also ty to lilj for making these for me

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Lil J Jun 29, 10
Do you want me to give them the nicknames too?
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lucario333 Jun 29, 10
yes plz and do u think u can have them by tonite?
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Shawn Yasumara Jun 29, 10
I'm honored you used my sets ^__^
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john Jul 20, 14

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