I'm 15. and I'm a guy. I love to surf. I love to give advice. I've seen the other side of the forest. I've seen the pain of many things. i've moved four times. I was born in Russia. I'm not a communist. i dont speak russian.


playing videogames. learning. thinking. practicing my martial arts. pratcing fighting with my two swords. ummm what else....oh i like to swim. and i like to read. i like to surf. and remeber its not me thats the idiot, its you thats the idiot because idiots think that normal people are the idiots.o.0


dont take life for grantite
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Review: Star Ocean III: Till the End of Time - The Game

Dec 31, 2004

as you probably all-ready know you start out on hyda 4, a vacation planet, as Fayt Leingod, the son of the most famous people in symbology. when suddenly you are attacked by a new enemy, the vendeeni, who force fayt, his family, and sophis( fayts...

greg weisberg

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  • I work for my mom, no wage, long hours, no respect.


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