Feb 21, 16 2:59am
The new monitor arrives this week ... Super excited to start playing again since my TV broke. Fierce Gaming Withdrawl! lol
Feb 9, 16 4:39pm
My TV broke (how annoying, right?) ... so getting a monitor in the next week or so to continue gaming.
Feb 8, 16 12:09am
Any PS3 game suggestions?
Jun 17, 15 1:21pm
On the final boss battle with Ares in GoW1. My hand cramped up in phase one from pressing O. lol I will persevere! ;)
Jun 16, 15 8:15pm
Almost finished with GoW 1. @ the Traps of Madness. Been busy but will complete soon!
Jun 12, 15 5:19pm
Currently playing God of War 1, then GoW 2. Stuck at the Blades of Hades, the rotating blades where balance is key to surviving.
Mar 15, 15 2:16am
On Chapter 7 of Thief tonight. I hope to have it completed in the next day or so. Next, Wolfenstein TNO.
Aug 14, 14 5:11pm
I'm replaying GTA IV on PS3. Planning on getting GTA V next. Also playing Crysis 3, which is acually pretty damn fun. More later ...
Jan 1, 14 10:57pm
Loved playing Blood Money! I cannot wait to get Hitman Absolution ... I am enjoying the idea of getting SA rank killing the Saints. HitmanBloodMoney
Jan 1, 14 10:54pm
I finished playing Hitman 2: Silent Assassin on Thanksgiving; completed Hitman Blood Money on 12-28-13. Cannot wait for Hitman Absolution!
Mar 10, 13 2:58am
I've been trying find SOMETHING to make me keep playing Aliens: Colonial Marines, but can't. Sending it back to whence it came ...
Mar 4, 13 9:38pm
Just completed "Dead Island" on my PS3. Wow! What a crazy, fun ride that game was ...
Oct 20, 12 1:49am
trying to play Enter the Matrix on my PS2. Got past Zen Garden only to get stuck on loading, never continues :( Sad bc it's a good game
Oct 6, 12 10:32pm
My favorite class has been nerfed in MoP so I have decided to play the PS2. Replaying Primal atm
Jul 12, 12 5:48pm
Still gaming. Stopped playing WoW when as 85 all you do are the same dailies/instances. PvP gets boring too. Going back to the PS2
Jul 12, 12 5:46pm
Started having DREs while playing GTA; SA; it hasn't happened on any other game. Not sure what the issue is ... ARGH!!!!
Sep 22, 11 12:38am
I started re-playing Siren again two days ago. It's kinda difficult but it's fun to explore.
Sep 10, 11 11:49pm
just completed Clock Tower 3! Great game with a difficult final boss. Next game is a mystery ... still Happy Gaming!
Sep 10, 11 11:45pm
Completed CT3 tonight ... that final boss fight was difficult. It's a great game though with a decent plot! On to another game ... ClockTower3
Sep 4, 11 1:41pm
has just started playing Clock Tower Tower 3; at the Sledgehammer Boss Fight.
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