I'm replaying GTA IV on PS3. Planning on getting GTA V next. Also playing Crysis 3, which is acually pretty damn fun. More later ...
Loved playing Blood Money! I cannot wait to get Hitman Absolution ... I am enjoying the idea of getting SA rank killing the Saints. HitmanBloodMoney PS2
I finished playing Hitman 2: Silent Assassin on Thanksgiving; completed Hitman Blood Money on 12-28-13. Cannot wait for Hitman Absolution!
I've been trying find SOMETHING to make me keep playing Aliens: Colonial Marines, but can't. Sending it back to whence it came ...
Just completed "Dead Island" on my PS3. Wow! What a crazy, fun ride that game was ...
trying to play Enter the Matrix on my PS2. Got past Zen Garden only to get stuck on loading, never continues :( Sad bc it's a good game
My favorite class has been nerfed in MoP so I have decided to play the PS2. Replaying Primal atm
Still gaming. Stopped playing WoW when as 85 all you do are the same dailies/instances. PvP gets boring too. Going back to the PS2
Started having DREs while playing GTA; SA; it hasn't happened on any other game. Not sure what the issue is ... ARGH!!!!
I started re-playing Siren again two days ago. It's kinda difficult but it's fun to explore.
just completed Clock Tower 3! Great game with a difficult final boss. Next game is a mystery ... still Happy Gaming!
Completed CT3 tonight ... that final boss fight was difficult. It's a great game though with a decent plot! On to another game ... ClockTower3 PS2
has just started playing Clock Tower Tower 3; at the Sledgehammer Boss Fight.
I just completed Resident Evil CVX and unlocked Battle Mode; my first RE game.
Currently replaying Primal and Tomb Raider: TAOD. Awaiting arrival of another PS2 game
Very different gameplay because the strategy is to ration ammo, think creatively, and hide adequately to survive, not blaze thru shooting. Siren PS2
My first of the RE games to play. The controls take some getting used to yet a great gaming adventure. ResidentEvilCodeVeronicaX PS2
Enjoyable to play but I prefer San Andreas. GrandTheftAutoViceCity PC
Difficult to sneak about stealthily but I enjoy it. Reminds me of playing a rogue on WoW or a Burglar on LOTRO Hitman2SilentAssassin PC
Currently playing Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

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