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no this is QUOTES

Waterboy - so now i know what it feels like to open a can of whup ass
- bobby u opened a whole case of whup ass


Saint someone - And Im quite fast with one hand.

jambos no1God - i hope your talking about typing...

WillxFerrel (8:51:05 PM): what it is?
DirtyTexasBalla (8:51:20 PM): forreal *bleep*
DirtyTexasBalla (8:51:34 PM): and send me a friend request
WillxFerrel (8:51:48 PM): what the problem is *****
WillxFerrel (8:51:59 PM): u be rollin on dem 34's
DirtyTexasBalla (8:52:02 PM): dude *bleep*
WillxFerrel (8:52:19 PM): dem john deer tracker DUBS
DirtyTexasBalla left chat at 8:52:29 PM
WillxFerrel (8:52:35 PM): LOL
WillxFerrel (8:52:39 PM): Texas *bleep*

WillxFerrel (4:56:48 PM): cop or chamillion
LAthira13 (4:56:53 PM): cop
WillxFerrel (4:57:00 PM): lol
WillxFerrel (4:57:11 PM): chamillion is any good?
LAthira13 (4:57:40 PM): ya he is really good
WillxFerrel (4:57:50 PM): but u say cop is better
LAthira13 (4:57:54 PM): i know
LAthira13 (4:57:55 PM): he is

WillxFerrel (3:18:37 PM): ??
DirtyTexasBalla (3:18:49 PM): indeed
WillxFerrel (3:18:53 PM): what
DirtyTexasBalla (3:19:03 PM): moon
DirtyTexasBalla (3:19:07 PM): sun
WillxFerrel (3:19:16 PM): which one
WillxFerrel (3:19:19 PM): both?
DirtyTexasBalla (3:19:25 PM): ya
WillxFerrel (3:19:34 PM): the sun does also?
DirtyTexasBalla (3:19:43 PM): i think
DirtyTexasBalla (3:19:47 PM): yea
DirtyTexasBalla (3:19:58 PM): wats wrong bitch ur doin ur homework
WillxFerrel (3:20:33 PM): your a dumb mother*bleep* shithole who *bleep*in lives in texas, *bleep*ing redneck *bleep*
WillxFerrel (3:20:36 PM): its only the moon
DirtyTexasBalla (3:20:48 PM): how do u know?
WillxFerrel (3:20:59 PM): cause im not *bleep*in living in texas - win



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