Super Shaolin lorenza_frenzy
Aug 24, 07 12:54am
Hey, I know you.... I've seen you in the past... well, how would you like it if I sign in 4 U?

You've been signed by....



And I am in DA house! PM and sign back if ya have time! C U SOON!
Taillow lorenza_frenzy
Feb 12, 07 12:04pm

Dingo Steinberg lorenza_frenzy
Nov 27, 06 5:04am
Thanks for signing my yearbook, my friend! I'm gonna sign back! But beware! Who knows what my message will be!


Sorry. Anyway, see ya around!
Road Rocket lorenza_frenzy
Jul 20, 06 4:20am
I am signing your guestbook due to your desperateness and selfishness. Shame on you. Now have some pie. =D

See ya in MSN. *insert that perfect smiley here*
So little time lorenza_frenzy
Jul 20, 06 4:00am
lol omg wtf lmfao hahahaha hope you enjoy the signing but i got to go this place is doing my mind in. i know its hard to say goodbye for neo but it must be done and im just typing crap to fill in the guestbook limit so cya
raymanmaster lorenza_frenzy
Jul 18, 06 3:42am
hey just signing coz ots been mouths since we last spoke

se ya aroud and starbucks have worls domination plans

squee_moon lorenza_frenzy
Feb 7, 06 12:01am

haha i havnt ever signed someones gb before lol and YOU TOUGHT ME IN AN IT LESSON LOL.
Thomas60 lorenza_frenzy
Dec 24, 05 8:27am
Hidy ho Lorenze.
Have a Happy Christmas! I thought i saw you on a german forum. But your spanish

Anyway, i've seen that you like CTR and so i gave you this guestbook signing.
You might know me from as well.
See you around
Skippy S lorenza_frenzy
Dec 20, 05 3:01am
You asked if I could sign your GB with my stamp. So here:

I hope you like it.
Brooklyn lorenza_frenzy
Nov 20, 05 3:52am

Hello there! Just wanted to wish you and your friends/family a Happy Thanksgiving. Have fun. Also, here's a special Thanksgiving stamp for you:

Peace out.
knb lorenza_frenzy
Oct 4, 05 2:00pm
wazzup? just thought that i would stamp you. i hope to see you come on a little bit more. lets chat sometime.

~bye for now~
starwarsmaster lorenza_frenzy
Oct 2, 05 3:35am
hi im signing guestbooks like mad please sign mine i appreciate it i have no stamps currently because im at my dads house and dont have any stamps on his hard drive see ya around

Ellone lorenza_frenzy
Sep 23, 05 5:20am

Hey Lorenza_Frenzy! FAKE SUGAR ALL AROUND! [showers self with sugar] IT SICKS! IT SICKS! ARGH! [runs around in circles] GET IT OFF! [is showered by water by Pinstripe] Phew. [shakes head]

Hey man! It's great to meet a fellow Crash fan. And thanks for PMing me. After our insane adventures with the fake sugar [squeals] it's time for me to sign-eth your guestbook! HOORAY! And you're my neo-friend too! YAY!

[minions shout: HOORAH]

You are hilarious and very, very nice! You and your fake sugar! I hope to get to know you and I'll see you soon. I stamp thee with my new stamp! I hope you like amigo! Here's a momento. [bags of fake sugar fly on my head] Ow. I'm going to get some ice now. ¬¬ [slinks away]

Peace, Love and Respect!

GameLord X lorenza_frenzy
Sep 8, 05 8:21am
Hi, lf! I'm pretty much a n00b, but love your sense of humor and goody-goody-ness. Kinda reminds me of... well, me! Hehe. Here's my stamp. (I hope it works)

D*** it! It won't work! How do you get these pics into HTML form?
Brooklyn lorenza_frenzy
Sep 6, 05 8:52pm
Well, since we're friends, I might as well stamp your guestbook.

Here is my latest stamp:

Hope you like it. Talk to you later.
So little time lorenza_frenzy
Sep 1, 05 3:23am
Well im signing for the second time as yousigned mine for the second time and thats how life works:D

I have a stamp but my computer sat on itand plus I want a new one:(. Ahh well entertain yourself by thinking of how you are going to livewith Killer5 while I slip out the back door.

Woah when you see that above comment you are really going tocome gunning for me

Road Rocket lorenza_frenzy
Aug 24, 05 11:51pm
Hi! How's it going? I noticed I didn't sign your guest book and I have no idea why. I have a terrible memory. I thought I DID.

Oh well. Here's 2 stamps. I made them both myself.

The first one.

Here's the other stamp which is merely some pointless and REALLY FUNNY pic I made.

The_Spam_Merchant lorenza_frenzy
Aug 18, 05 10:20pm
Yea, I see you around the CB forums alot. Crash was my favourite game back in the day. It's just getting too old too fast. Don't forget to sign back.
Dingo Steinberg lorenza_frenzy
Aug 16, 05 11:14pm
Guess what? You have been stamped! Crunch Bandicoot sends his friendship! [URL=][/URL]

I hope you like it!
mvsugarcookie lorenza_frenzy
Jul 9, 05 9:43am
new stamp. i hope you like it cuz i work on this a lot!

Taillow lorenza_frenzy
Jul 3, 05 9:13am
Hey, lorenza_frenzy. Here's my new stamp:D

Taillow lorenza_frenzy
Jun 16, 05 10:16am
Hey, lorenza_frenzy! Here's my new stamp!

knb lorenza_frenzy
Jun 15, 05 5:45am
Hey lorenza just thought I'd sign your guestbook cause you signed mine. I dont have a stamp yet Hope we stay good freinds.
JJBDude lorenza_frenzy
Jun 14, 05 12:57am
Hello there! I felt like making a stamp and signing Guestbooks as the last time I did was back at the start of year 2005. Well, take care.

Spitfire Skateboarding. JJBDude
mvsugarcookie lorenza_frenzy
Jun 11, 05 10:28am
it doesnt have to do anything with a drumset (surprise!).....