got my dedenne lol
i need a dedenne friend safari since i cant chain a shiny one. pm, tag me in my shop or whatever
chained my final shiny of 2013 a croagunk, look forward to more. happy new year neofriends!
finally chained my shiny goomy after many attempts...yeah it came at 16 but add em up and its well over 40 lol
gonna try chain fishing tonight come on shiny dragalge
After a bumpy start I chained my first shiny on y, a litleo. More to come I'm sure
Pokeradar chaining is ahead of me again....I can't wait to start hunting!!!
Leaving pokemon diamond and pokeradar chaining behind...bring on pokemon Y!!!

I'm am in need of trade evolving a shiny graveler kadabra and haunter, and am offering a shiny abra geodude and skitty to

Just an extra from a pokeradar chain, maybe not the coolest poke but looks nice in green

Is there anything more awesome in pokemon than a shiny patch...I think not. Please bring pokeradar to gen 6!
The shiny chatot I chained and fainted has been rechained and reclaimed, stupid parrot does not like being caught!
I fainted my first shiny ever, then my game froze resetting for another shiny patch. Le suck!
Shiny unevolved rechain complete 1 magnemite 2 electrike and 3 surskit...time for a giveaway!
Broke the easiest chain...magnemite lol. Fortunately I got a shiny patch at electrike!
Got two shiny swablus...buggers gave me a run for my many radar resets
Can't stop chaining on diamond even though I'm running out of targets...oooh hello gold're next!
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