Nasenbaer lord of vice city
Feb 19, 11 10:43am
mein Kompliment, sehr ansprechende Seite und sehr Informativ.

Gruß aus dem Saarland
Thomas Keller
segaman lord of vice city
Feb 19, 08 1:59pm
Hey, I hope you like this stamp, buddy!

Feel free to sign back!

Reason lord of vice city
Feb 6, 07 1:29am
Yep, I'm glad you agree. He was just being so arrogant lol.

Thanks for signing dude, hope to see you around.
Nyff \m/

Saw your little R* thing while going through Loungin'. Thought I might drop by and say 'Sup!

I like that Avatar dude, and I guess I'll see you later.

You've been stamped by:

More cool $h!+ from R*, man...

Thanks for "flying the flag"! See you later, man!
Vile Megaman lord of vice city
Apr 25, 06 6:03am
Nice Heather pics. I guess you solved the mystery of what she looked like, huh? Anyway, I figured I'd sign the guestbook. You could sign mine too if you want. From your fellow SH fan, Vile Megaman.
Derek Vader lord of vice city
Dec 17, 05 3:43am
Hey just signing fellow RE fanatics guestbooks, so here you go

Spud lord of vice city
Dec 13, 05 4:54am
On a mission to sign everyones guestbook who is online, you are the chosen one...

I'd appreciate it if you signed back, thanks.
Mnmfan lord of vice city
Dec 12, 05 1:44pm
Congrats on getting my Banner Question correct. It is indeed Amanda Tapping (Sam Carter in Stargate). You got it with 4 hints.

dtimmy14 lord of vice city
Sep 12, 05 11:06pm
Hey dude seen you around the Resident Evil forums alot and you certainly know your Resident Evil info so I thought that I would sign your Guestbook.

Please sign back
zerowolf_19 lord of vice city
Jul 22, 05 12:13pm
I was doing random signing and then I saw you at the san andreas fourms so I just decided to sign yours. See you around. zerowolf_19 has spoken.
Gargomon lord of vice city
Jul 19, 05 1:14am
ashley must die....yes...she calls you a pervert for falling...anyhoo i'd stamp this but i don't have one atm
Ari lord of vice city
Jul 15, 05 9:25pm
just doing random signing and you have been chosen. later.
Cowboy R lord of vice city
Jul 10, 05 7:43pm
Thanks for sending in the pictures on the post"where's cindys bunny outfit".I'll here from you soon I guess.Oh and can you post in any forums I make please!
Fire_Blade lord of vice city
Jul 7, 05 3:14pm

I have chose you [insert name here] to be included in my signing spree! Now go read a book!

gamer lord of vice city
Jul 4, 05 6:22am
Hey man, thanks for stamp my book with my favourite girl.

Anyway, she is my favourite but this is a close second.

Anyway, i'll c ya fellow undead-zombies.
Subsoul lord of vice city
Jul 3, 05 10:38pm
Hey, what's up? I noticed something...I've only been around for not even a month and I have twice as many guestook signings as you, and you've been around since December. Well sign back so you can add to my collection.

I'm Cool
gamer_girl22 lord of vice city
Jul 3, 05 10:45am
Hey, thanks for the advice on a couple of my boards. So I will sign your guestbook.
But sorry, I don't do the stamp crap.
But anyway, I hope to see you around on the forums!!
SunnyDelight lord of vice city
May 15, 05 2:24am
I decided to sign your guestbook so enjoy the stamp!
alecko91 lord of vice city
Feb 24, 05 6:47pm
Hey wats up man. U seem like a cool guy so im signing ur guest book. Now let me leave u wit a pic of batista!

Dan Mumford lord of vice city
Aug 23, 04 10:37am
i saw that you signed mine, so im signing back

"Shizzle my nizzle" lol
The Angel of Death is watching you.

Soon Darkness shall be cast down upon ye.

For 'tis the day the Lord of Dakness signed away your life.
stretchytool lord of vice city
Oct 17, 03 3:20am



You have received the ultimate stamp by stretchytool.

Stamp back.
Onikage lord of vice city
Sep 10, 03 2:46am
Yeah GTA is a great game, I like the first one.

Hmm I've seen you in the Resident evil forums keep up the posting.

Oh and thanks for the info on the new RE film, and sign my guestbook too
Game Crazy lord of vice city
May 10, 03 10:04pm
I just thought that i would sign your guestbook, and just say hi, and that any time you want an avatar or banner just ask

Hawkeye lord of vice city
Apr 18, 03 1:48pm
Well, you asked me, so here I am! Gotta keep the signings rolling in!
Thanks for the kind words. I hope I live up to everyones expectations of a mod, but so far it seems most people are pleased with my performance. Glad to see you played GTA London. That game was awesome! So much better than the newer ones. Oh well, win some, lose some, I guess. See you in the forums!

Adios Amigo.