I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!! I rented it from block buster and just bought it i cant wait till it gets here!!!! HarvestMoonTreeOfTranquility Wii
Longest game ever and so much fun!!!!!!! DragonQuest8JourneyOfTheCursedKing PS2
Lots of fun until you rn out of concerts to do. GuitarHeroWorldTour PS3
This is fun inthe beging but gets kind of repetitive after a while. Do this. Gather your army. Defeat the bad guys. Gather your army.... AgeOfMythologyTheTitans PC
Kind of boring and hurts your arms. CarnivalGames Wii
I love this game!!!!!!!!!!! KingdomHearts PS2
I love that the main characters are all girls!! :) FinalFantasyX2 PS2
So much more fun but is a little dull when there is no big jenie shoting plasma rays out of his belly button. :) DarkCloud2 PS2
Very very fun. Once you get over the part where they cant talk. DarkCloud PS2
Fun until it gets repetitive. DigimonWorld4 PS2
Not a lot of fun but better then all the other ones. HarvestMoonAWonderfulLifeSpecialEdition PS2


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