Sooooo unfun!!!!!!!!! MySims Wii
The DS game is basically a copy off of the MySims for Ds. Nothing to do really after you completed it. MySimsKingdom DS
The Wii game is sooooo much better than the Ds game. It is a enjoyable game but you have to do practically the same thing on each island... MySimsKingdom DS
This game can get hard but you just can't let go of it. SimAnimals Wii
This game is very strange, but it is a good game with a false ending so the fun never stops!!!! TheSims2 Xbox
So boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PetzHamsterz2 DS
It gets boring after a while...... PokemonPearl DS
This game just get's harder! PokemonRanger DS

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