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Jan 24, 12 11:27pm


Okay, making a blog cos I said I would like 3 years ago :3

YES SO I'm gonna talk about games and stuff. I got a 3ds. I like it, cept I've already been conned into buying Mario, but only for the sake of owning a 3ds game, and it is exactly like all the other marios (Like they always are, I never learn) so I feel a bit cheated out of the £30 I spent on it x( Trying to kid myself into thinking I will get that worth out of it, but probably won't. I also like to pretend that playing it with the 3d on makes it more fun, but it just makes me need to switch it off sooner x( And playing it on the bus just makes me feel sick... I also don't get with handhelds nowadays, that they have such short battery life even from the start, which only degrades with time. So that 5 hours you're guaranteed on buying date just degrades until you're constantly charging (like my old psp 1000 is now haha) it because it only lasts half an hour baksaflhbsdkg
ALGTHOUGH my friends psp 1000 only ever worked when on charge because the battery was so worn down you couldn't switch it on without it ahaha


I've been reading a lot more recently, a few years ago it would be something I never got round to being into, but I've suddenly got into BOOKS. I wish I did earlier in my life :c Boo. I read a few Haruki Murakami (not cos he's a jap I SWEARRR) and I think he's my favourite author right now. And I like Neil Gaiman a lot too. I'm reading Jack Kerouac's(eh, might have spelt that wrong) On the Road right now, its bleddy brilliant, except it makes me want to buy a car and just travel places and sit on crates with hobos. Times have changed now, I can't do that x( RECOMMEND ME BOOKS

ERR OTHER THINGSSSS i bought brandy whipped cream for 1p the other day IT WAS THE BEST DEAL EVER :)

my life is pretty dull

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shayne Feb 4, 12
the whipped cream seems the happiest part about this post
it must've been a damn good deal lolli :B
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lollipopz Feb 6, 12
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altaf Feb 6, 12
you must try harvest moon friends of mineral town & harvest moon more friends of mineral town GBA games.
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altaf Feb 6, 12
I like to cook in harvest moon friends of mineral town.It's fun you know that.
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